Opinion: The MDC & Chamisa should distance themselves from the NPF endorsement!

If your sincere, you know that Robert Mugabe is a supposed veteran and also a relic on the blue-roof. He has supported and is still active behind the scenes. That is why he suddenly has created with his fraction a new Political Party called the National Patriotic Front. However, they have now endorsed the Movement for Democratic Change and Nelson Chamisa for President. Do the MDC and Chamisa want this?

Mugabe has been looting and destroying lives for 37 years. Yes, his cadres and close cronies has eaten in these years. But the histories of misery and the rotten state. Should make you vomit and wonder why Mugabe isn’t litigated or on trial. That is why I wonder, why the MDC isn’t reacting to this or distance themselves. They should. They should blaze guns and say: “We don’t need the endorsement of NPF”. Because then they are silently accepting the fate and the place of Mugabe in politics. Even after he stepped down and supposed to be in retirement. Then the long years of fighting him was futile. Since you still needs his kiss of death, even after he was kicked out of office.

The MDC and Chamisa. Step your game up. This is a slip-up, this is worse than anything. This is getting support from the man you celebrated in November 2017 was ended. That his time was over and time for a New Zimbabwe. If you believe in a new Zimbabwe, you cannot be associated with people who are jumping in bed Mugabe. What difference does that do?

Not that President Emmerson Mnangagwa or anyone of the ZANU-PF is any different from Mugabe at this point. But if your supposed to challenge the ruling regime and their ways. You need to be different. Not more of the same. Then there is no difference between the Crocodile and the newcomer Chamisa. You don’t want that. Then it is just a continuation of the 37 years. There will be nothing significantly different. Accept for the name on the billing and the supposed party structure.

Anyone with sense. Would distance themselves from the NPF endorsement. The Mugabe association should be distanced, they should call it out and say they don’t want this cold-coffee. They want the straight brew from someone legit.

Chamisa step-up if you care. No PR Stunt, No big play of words. Just say “Hell No, I don’t want to associated with Mugabe and his new party”. That is not hard, but very important. Peace.

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