President Biya bashes himself in glory: While his horrors are haunting the Anglophone Cameroon!

Today the 20th May 2018, was the National Day of Cameroon. While the elites and the military was parading together with one of the longest serving President’s in the world, Mr. Dictator-often-on-Vacation in Switzerland Paul Biya. In Southern Cameroons in two separate villages, the army and police killed villagers, and also villagers living in the forest after they got burned.

So it hard to know what to celebrate, when the Republic, where the President plans to be running again. The man whose been president since a coup in 1982. Biya used all tricks to get rid of predecessor president Ahmadou Ahidjo. That got totally away since 1983. It is easy to forget that, but he used all tricks to get rid of the one before him.

Therefore, today the celebration is a downer as the continued oppression in the Southern Provinces continues. The pressure of the state is there, and the determination to get people to cheer in the streets. Everything closed and telling people to show-up in the streets. That is what is insane, that the President is driving in a Range Rover Limousine that cost 358.296.00 CFA. In a Republic where the schools are lacking, the roads are filled with potholes and the state is not delivering. But, then again the President is more away, than home. That is why the demise of so many of his citizens doesn’t matter.

We know that the state is really all in control from his office, as the Council of Ministers meet recently for the fist time since 2015. Biya is really relaying in the army and the donors to keep him afloat, while him and his wife is on shopping sprees in Europe.

The Trump Administration really shown love with their statement on the 18th May 2018, as they don’t care about the internal conflict, as they stated: “The United States values the ties that bind the American and Cameroonian people. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cameroon as we strengthen regional security, fight violent extremism in the Lake Chad Basin region, and collaborate to improve health outcomes. Our goal is to work together for a peaceful, democratic, and an abundant future” (Mike Pompeo – ‘Cameroon National Day’ 18.05.2018).

That peaceful and democratic future is currently not for the anglophone Cameroon, where the government is violently oppressing and also suppressing the voice of dissidents. Therefore, the President speaking of strength and unity on this day. When we know about the destruction and the violent oppression, that the state is sponsoring in Southern Cameroon. As long the army is killing civilians, decrees of control and the governors really stopping all movement of the public in these parts of Southern Cameroon.

This day should have been celebrated with flair and of liberation, it is the national day, instead people are ordered in the streets, villages left and army killing civilians. This is not the sort of news that should happen at the same time. While the President is driving in a luxury car and bash in glory, while so many are living in fear.

Biya, your been living large for 36 years and what your leaving behind is a mess. You haven’t built a republic, built a republic to be proud of delivering to the next generation. Your leaving behind a steaming kettle, that someone else got to handle. That will be your legacy, because you overstayed your welcome and you enriched yourself on the plate of all your citizens. Peace.

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