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Burundi: Is the Imbonerakure or an unknown militia behind the Buganda Commune massacre?

Just as we are in the final week before the Referendum vote, which is to make sure a secure, life Presidency for Pierre Nkrurunziza and for his party CNDD-FDD. On Friday there has been a massacre in the Cibitoke Province, Buganda Commune close to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they youth-militia has had extensive training of late. If that is escalated this weekend. That is just speculation, but the Imbonerakure, has been involved in violent activity, community policing and harassment of the ones opposing the regime.

Reports from Cibitoke in April 2018:

The first group composed mostly of those from the commune commune went on patrol to the rivière river, while the other group composed mostly of the commune went to patrol the border with Rwanda. Questioned by our source if these paramilitary activities are endorsed by the provincial administration of cibitoke, these imbonerakure have informed that they do nothing without the administration knowing. You will also know that on Tuesday, around 14 pm, the imbonerakure of the localité locality, mostly composés, made their entrance to the forêt forest by the commune commune. At the present time, according to our source, the head of the paramilitary training in mugira is a demobilized man named Jean Marie Ndayishimiye. The latter says that they are being prepared to counter imminent rebel attacks from Rwanda. The latest information collected by our source says that since 10 April 2018 these paramilitary training has been very intensive on a land of LA, Colline Hill, zone area of the commune commune. The names of those who take the lead in these training are: Edmond Maniragaba, Schadrack Nganyirimana, Delachance Mbonihankuye and Daniel Ndirakubagabo. The trainer in these paramilitary training exercises is a soldier from la province under the command of his superiors” (Agakemanyi, 13.04.2018).

We know that the truth will be hard to expose as the reports coming from VOA and other agencies are arrested on their way to travel there or even losing their equipment, as the government trying to seal it off. As they are claiming terrorist did the deed. However, that is uncertain, as this area has been a massive training-ground for the Imbonerakure, where the local authorities accepted their actions.

Some claims are these are from a group of para-military from the Democratic Republic of Congo, however, with no possibility of verifying that. At this point it can be either that or the Imbonerakure. Because, both parties are likely to do this. What is suspicious is that the authorities are not disclosing what sort of group that would be or what their mission in Burundi are. They not like insurgents from DRC who goes into Uganda, which has roots in Kisoro for instance. Therefore, the reasons for the sudden deaths and massacre. Is even more questionable. As to who did it and what the state is covering up.

It is not long ago, on the 5th May 2018, the imbonerakure tortured 5 men in the province for their willingness to vote now in the 17th May polls. These was opposition supporters who was taken by the militia and taught a lesson by the state sponsored youth-militia of the province. Therefore, they have already shown that they could hurt civilians. Therefore, could they go further?

I don’t have the answer, but that wouldn’t be impossible. That what is worrying, if the state financed militia, which has recently promoted the former leader into the Cabinet. He went from leading the militia into becoming the Minister for Foreign Affairs, that being Ezéchiel Nibigira. Therefore, we know that the Imbonerakure, is now vital. If it wasn’t so, the President wouldn’t have appointed the former leader from there. Peace.

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