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Burundi Referendum: Settling the Imboneza yamaho aka Pierre Nkurunziza for Life-Presidency!

The Constitutional Court on the 4th May 2015 accepted the third term on the reason, that the first term where the President was elected at a temporary measure by the National Assembly and not by Universal Suffrage, hence, the legality of the Second Presidential Elections and the third term. This was done to secure that and establish reasons for justification to do so. Even if that altered the Arusha Agreement, by a technicality.

Now on the 17th May 2018, the CNDD-FDD are taking a step further, beyond the measures of 2015, so that ahead of 2020, the President can run again and again. Rule indefinitely. Without any legal provision standing in his way. The ones that had an issue 2015, should have issues now in 2018. But their voices are not heard. Many have during the previous years been silenced, detained or exiled. That is a mere fact of the architect of destruction, that this President has resided over.

Pierre Nkurunziza and his party is planning to become a life-President without any questions or anyone trying to topple him. His rules are law, his acts are holy and his words is more valuable than alle the treasures of the world. Nkurunziza is securing his own position, therefore, the lack of progress or lack of effort in the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, where the regime has handpicked the parties and the times for talks. Where opposition parties are handpicked and their voices not really heard. Why should they be heard? They are just obstacles ahead and not worth anything. If Nkurunziza got his wish, they would just disappear or go into exile, instead of bickering over his republic, that he owns.

It’s not like he has a fantastic track-record, as the in July 2010 he got 91,6% of the voters. Also, in the third term elections of 2015, after getting the Constitutional Court Approval, he got 69,41 % on the 24th July 2015. This after many opposition leaders was hunted down, killed, detained or exiled. Therefore, no real election in 2015. The coming in May 2018 is more of the same, the result will in favor of the President and the results will be a formality, as expressions against is illegal and media is hounded too. Not just foreign media houses, but local radio headquarters are burned and such.

Here is the Arusha Agreement from 2000:

She/he shall be elected for a term of five years, renewable only once. No one may serve more than

two presidential terms” Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi (28 Aug 2000).

Just like the Arusha Agreement, the 2005 Constitution Article 96 says this:

The President of the Republic is elected by universal direct suffrage for a term of five

years renewable one time” (Burundi Constitution, 2005).

So, the Referendum now, is only made for Nkurunziza, not for the betterment of the Republic. It is just so his vicious attack on the Republic can continue, where he is fighting the voices of freedom, liberty and justice. As he is consolidating all powers and securing himself the power for life. Nothing else is in the background. He has done it step-by-step, used all tools at his disposal and has no other plan.

The Statement from the Council of Ministers said this in this regard:

The Commission has therefore examined the constitutional provisions that are the source of imperfections while keeping unchanged, the provisions that have the merits and democratic values that guarantee stability and peace, the protection of the political opposition, the protection of the rights and interests of minorities, the protection of the independence of certain institutions and, above all enhancing the legitimacy of the constitutional order. As the main proposals of the Commission, it is proposed a semi-presidential and semi-parliamentary regime, its main characteristics being that the head of state is elected by direct universal suffrage with his own prerogatives, who shall not be deposed unless high treason, with a Prime Minister Head of Government and responsible before Parliament and from the parliamentary majority. The President will be assisted by a Vice-President of Ethnicity and Political Party different from those of the President of the Republic. With regard to the executive power, amendments are proposed to take into account the new constitutional system proposed. Regarding the legislative power, provisions have been identified to be amended in order to comply with the Treaty of the East African Community, the principle of absolute majority voting except for organic laws, resolutions, decisions and important recommendations where it is proposed a majority of three fifths” (MEDIA RELEASE CONSECUTIVE TO THE EXTRAORDINARY CABINET MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 24th OF OCTOBER 2017, 25.10.2017).

However, it is ironic, that the CNDD-FDD talk of democratic values, while making sure their only leader, the fountain of honor and the greatest leader ever in Burundian history Pierre Nkurunziza, can dismantle the Arusha Agreement and change the Constitution to fit his narrative. That is not for democratic principals. That is lie, they know its a lie, but they say it so they are not getting detained, silenced or into exile. They are pleasing their master and his agenda.

The parts proposed amendment says: “No procedure of revision may be retained if it infringes the national unity, the cohesion of the Burundian People, the secularity of the State, the reconciliation, the democracy or the integrity of the territory of the Republic.”. Also adds the Presidential terms from 2 to 4 terms. Therefore, the National Unity, means the unity under the banner of the President and no one else.

To say otherwise at this point is naive. Is to be under a rock and forgetting what the authorities has been doing to keep him on top, while the rest is his minions.

The elections and referendum on 17th May 2018 is for securing life presidency, not to make sure the republic is better off with better democratic values or just laws. That is all lie and managed language to make sure the ones who don’t know what the CNDD-FDD are doing and how they doing it. There will surely be troubles for the ones voting no, for the ones not contributing funds for the referendum and also all the madness they have put in play.

So now, expect that Nkurunziza is a life President, the Imboneza yamaho, the almighty for ruler of Burundi. That is the end-game. There will be more referendums for Nkurunziza, when he is officially done with the fourth term or starting it. He will make sure the public changes it again. This is what we have seen with his idol Museveni. Nothing new here, just another republic.

This is just sad. Peace.

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