Zanu-PF Primaries: A sideshow of chaos, most postponed til tomorrow and most likely prepared rigging!

Many reports today has shown that the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) where not apparently ready for their Inner-Party or Primaries, as their logistics and their planning of the affairs didn’t go smooth. This was not as well-planned as the military coup in November, which went like clock-work. This was a farce, which we have seen by other liberation parties. Who thinks everything will work smooth, without any significant organization behind it.

There we’re many places ballot papers didn’t arrive, other candidates pulled out at certain races. There been open bribes at the polling stations and also thuggery as youths are wildly about in the lines of voters waiting to vote for candidates. All pictures, all video-clips released has shown the state of affairs.

This is showing weakness ahead of the general elections, as the ones running as candidates for the ruling party. Cannot even run their show and their own internal elections, how will the national be? Usually, when the ruling regime own election is marred with in-efficiencies. The state resources was at play like the Police to interfere within the elections.

Right now, the central leadership of Zanu-PF should be ashamed, that they had to postponed and we can wonder if they can deliver credible results, in a free and fair elections among themselves. So what can we expect on the upcoming elections, when the stakes are even higher?

Because would President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga accept to be humiliated like this and lack of organization with the whole world to see. Have dozens of losses and also shown that cannot run an election after 38 years since liberation. That would be humiliating, under Mugabe didn’t need to care, he took the blame and carried the load of being the tyrant. But now the Zanu-PF will have to do it without him. He is in the Blue-Roof and scheming with National Patriotic Front (NPF), which is a new toy project.

So I have not focused on the areas of this one or of any of the favorable candidates of G-40 or any of the other fractions within the ruling party. Because, the issue is organizational and also institutional. The Zanu-PF isn’t running as smoothly as the President and the PR Machine want it to seem. Therefore, many areas with dense turnout, violence, intimidation and also bribery. None is sign of strength, commitment or even show any signs of progress. Instead, it is weakness and not what the international community wants to hear. That the Zanu-PF continues with the same old things, just a mere changes of guards and few scarfs.

We sill if tomorrow brings anything fresh, as the postponed elections, the results will trigger in and the reality will hit the ground. If they wanted something shown, then the reports would have been significantly different. However, they are not, they are in contrast of what the state wants to portray since November 2017. This is the mere fact, that the only changes was a few heads and more military involvement into the cabinet. But the Zanu-PF was more of the same.

Mnangagwa haven’t revolutionized or changed Zanu-PF. If the party had been changed, then this would have gone smoothed, the results been verified and the candidates ready. But its not, it’s the same thing again. Where the state resources and other things been put into play, so many questionable reports. Like who delivered the ballots and material, the lack of it and also intimidation. That is just the mere fix of looking bad at electioneering. Not sufficient delivery for a free and fair election.

So should we expect rigging tomorrow for the candidates and for the ones that is the heart of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. If your thinking otherwise, then your naive. The Zanu-PF also handpicked the candidates, so the ones on the ballot are in favors and previous hot-shots. Therefore, its not young-blood, but also continued cronyism at play.

There will be chaos tomorrow, it will be hectic, but there will be results that favors the President in the end. Not only because its in his party, but that is how these games are rigged. In the favor of closest allies of junta. That is whats happening. Everything else is usually side-shows. Peace.

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