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South Sudan: Even more proof of a deep Warlord mentality from President Kiir!

“But when I watched television after I released them on the same day, I saw them being received on the red carpet by that country and they started talking politics after leaving Juba, so that’s why I regretted for saving their lives,” (…) “The same in 2016, when Machar went to my office with his cooped pistol trying to finish me in the office to declare himself as the president of South Sudan, which he didn’t manage,” (…) “After all when Machar’s bodyguards were completed during J1 fighting, I asked Vice President James wani Igga to offer protection to Machar by covering him with our bodies until we escorted him to his car and we saved him and now Riek is alive. I saved him just like the same way I saved his colleagues who participated with him in a coup attempt in 2013,” – President Salva Mayardiit Kiir (Radio Tamazuj, 24.04.2018).

Well, it is just weeks ago, when we heard that the state paid Gen. Paul Malong 5 million United States Dollars as a bounty on the head of SPLA/M-IO Chairman Dr. Riek Machar. Therefore, hearing this, you just know how bloodthirsty the regime is. There shouldn’t be any question about it. When the President speaks like this and the revelation of bounty on the head of Machar in 2016. You know what the forces behind it all does.

This just shows again the mentality at the top of the food-chain, that the President has no scruples in detaining or killing off opponents, as he sees himself as a Godly person who saves life, he doesn’t kill them off. That is very insulting and also shows the blatant disregard for other partners in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), it couldn’t be serious, when one of them is putting bounty on the other. Even if the SPLM/A-IO would be wrong with what it did in 2016, it could been talked or negotiated upon, not trying to pull the trigger. There is no sense of remorse or consideration, just that I saved these lives, because I could have ordered their deaths.

Just as this is happening, the Republic of South Africa is continuing to get new deals with the government of South Sudan. Therefore, the sanctioned army of SPLA are getting not only support from Uganda, but now also the RSA. It states:

“Defence minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has provided more details on the defence agreement signed with South Sudan in January this year. Responding to a Parliamentary question posed by Sibonakaliso Phillip Mhlongo of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Mapisa-Nqakula on 11 April stated that “according to Article 1 of the MOU, the Parties shall cooperate in the use of defence resource[s] and promote joint research and development, including procurement of defence equipment, promote cooperation in the field of training, promote mutual support by encouraging and facilitating the exchange of defence related information, cooperate in the field of military medical services including the exchange of medical personnel and information regarding military health aspects, encourage the exchange of military personnel visits at all levels and promote sporting and cultural links between the Armed Forces, identify and promote defence related activities, including peace support operations and disaster management which would serve the principles of standardisation and inter-operability, foster cooperation between their respective defence-related industries, and act only in advisory and training capacities and will under no circumstances take part in hostilities or operations of a warlike nature by any armed force of the Republic of South Africa or the Republic of South Sudan, nor any operation of any force concerned with the enforcement or maintenance of peace, internal security or law and order.” (Guy Martin – ‘More detail on SA’s defence agreement with South Sudan’ 24.04.2018, DefenseWeb.co.za).

So the Warlord Kiir got a grand old deal in the midst of sanctions with the RSA. When his saving grace, hasn’t killed off his enemies. That just shows his planning and I doubt that the RSA will only gain peaceful training of the South Sudan counterparts as they are busy in various districts to fight off opposition. Which the SPLA has done for years already. It is not like this MoU between the nations was signed in peace-time, no its in the midst of Civil War and with a President who has no plans of giving way to others.

The Warlord mentality of Kiir Continues, the evidence is in the pudding. There are nothing this man will not do or say, that counter that at the moment! Peace.

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