VP Gen. Chiwenga shown his face and his temper with the firing of the striking nurses!

General Constantino Chiwenga, the Vice-President of Zimbabwe has unleashed a monster. The monster is firing striking employees. Surely, he is used to getting his way and that the brigades in the army or at the barracks are galloping to his every single word. Because that is chain-command and he has been on the top a long while now. However, he has now officially shown that the Zanu-PF of the present day is a military dictatorship, when a general unhappy with civil service personnel and employees in general, directly fires them.

The VP could have thought for a moment, even looked into the Constitution of the Republic. Seen that its legal to hold strikes and be members of Unions. They are by law legal entities fighting for their salaries and the concern of their livelihood. They are not soldiers who follows the words and orders from this man. They are following protocol and procedure through the Ministry of Health and hired by the Health Service Board. Clearly, the grand old general currently forgets that. Therefore, in his powers, he sacked them and wants to appoint others in their stead. This is standoff because of his personal pride and not for the benefit of the citizens.

The last 48 hours has shown the ill-intent of the general, instead of working out. He gone straight to the battlefield and thrown the nurses out. Who by all means just did a strike for their salaries. Is the value of the Republic, that they cannot carry unionised workers and unionised health care professionals? If it is so, I wouldn’t wonder if there would be a brain-drain and fleeing even more to the diaspora with university degrees and professional educated people. Why do they want to work for a state, that fires you if you go on strike?

Has the Grand Old General thought of that? Has he configured in his mind the effect of his sackings? Does he think the nurses grows on trees and are ready educated from birth? Why didn’t the Health Service Board send notices of termination to the employees, as they are bound by law? Is the Grand Old General above the law?

There are many questions remaining, there are even those who wonders why both the Minister of Health, David Parirenyatwa haven’t acted and have let the VP go off the hook. Maybe, he is worried that the general would fire him too if he asked for favours. The President has been busy as a ceremonial king and haven’t cared at all. Therefore, the VP is free to do as he likes, even when counters common practice of termination and also the rule of law. Just like the army did when they toppled Mugabe. However, nobody was sorry about that, but again the General, shows force and no remorse.

That the striking Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZNA) has been strong and resilient has been obvious to everyone, but the General has been all-in for the matter, without considering the implications. If not thinking, that he could get away with it anyway. Though now instead of looking like a breath of fresh air. The Zanu-PF regime, looks more of the same and the bright future becomes gloomy, when Generals are attacking own civil servants, instead of working with them. He went straight shooting and shot himself in the foot.

Therefore, he will not walk straight, he might act brazen and proud, but he should sulk, because he is only hurting himself and his government. With this sort of actions, the ones following knows now, how he operates and he is the kingpin behind the President. The President doesn’t question the VP, because the President is in debt to the VP. That is how it seems to naked eye, the victims now is the people and the nurses. The elite goes hunting for treatment abroad anyway. Peace.

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