Opinion: Going “Commando” or “Pantyless” on Election Day, doesn’t make sense to me!

When I think of not wearing panties, I think of Sharon Stone and Basic Instinct from 1990s. Not Elections.

One of the speakers, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga challenged women to unite and put their political differences aside as they fight against discrimination. “It is high time we show men that we can do it in style and support each other. On election day, we are all going to be pantyless just in case that demon of not voting for a female candidate catches up with you while in the ballot box. You can always lift up your dress and remember that you are a woman,” declared Misihairabwi to ululations from the crowd who showed full support for the move” (Bulawayo 24 News – ‘Zimbabwean women to go ‘pantyless’ on election day’ 06.04.2018).

This is the newest idea from the Movement for Democratic Change MP from Matabeleland South Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, what I am wondering about, what is the purpose of the exercise? Because, going “commando” or pantyless is usually for other reasons, which has nothing do to with the gender equality and neither a feminist stance. It is more lust driven and sexified. My own personal experience, it the times my girlfriends has gone without, they have been ready to make-out. But that is just what I know from my own experience. That is not the sort of drive, I expect woman or men to have when their voting.

It is okay to be excited and be energized for an election, that you pick the leadership and try to get the right person to represent you. That is why we have elections, so the right leadership and government officials can be there to represent us all. That’s across the board.

Part of me is sure that the woman who votes, know their gender and know it very well. Without looking down on their own genitalia. I have a hard time to believe in demons within it too, because than we men have to wonder if deliver demons from our penises. The demons has to come from somewhere and the politician here is closer to some rare religious leaders. The one I am first thinking of is Prophet Mboro, who has said this:

He said “an invisible man” visits people in their sleep, sometimes rapes them, and then they contract sexual diseases or develop disorders. This is due to spiritual forces, claims Mboro, who speaks to “those underwears” as he anoints them. “The power of God will get in,” he says” (News 24 – ‘Holy underpants! Prophet Mboro explains blessing panties’ 19.04.2016). So the MDC MP is sounding more like Mboro, than a serious politician. That is not a good look, because she is evidently believing the same.

Cosmopolitan described reasons for going pantyless like this: “Skipping your undies has practical advantages. First, you eliminate that dreaded wardrobe woe, visible panty lines. Second, you’ll never do an emergency load of laundry because you’ve run out of clean underwear. Plus, briefs and thongs can be icky sweat magnets. But it’s also about reveling in your sexy side. “Not wearing panties is risqué; you get a naughty rush knowing you’re so exposed,” explains Los Angeles clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD. Removing the barrier that shields your intimate anatomy makes you more in touch with your innate sensuality, she adds” (Sara Bodnar – ‘Why It Pays to Ditch Your Panties’ 19.10.2012, Cosmopolitan).

So if the MP wants the woman to have a rush or a show their sexy side while voting, that is fine by all means. But there would be other ways to empower and to offer more for woman during elections. Than, just themselves taking of their panties. Unless, they want to entice men to vote in the same way. That would be using their sexuality in favor of political parties, but then they automatically objectified and that is clearly not progress in gender equality.

To go commando, should have nothing to do with Election Day. The MP should instead try to educate and show how the process is, even give possible reasons for voting for her party. This is not empowerment, not as I can see, unless you want to make elections sexy. I don’t know if that is a good idea. Because policy and governance, should be key in that. To make the government work better, both locally and the central government. Cannot see wearing panties or not will make a difference while voting. Unless, the woman want to make-out with returning officers and the electoral personnel from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

But that is just me… Maybe I am wrong, but then again, I am not commando. I am wearing my boxers. And see politics differently, I suppose. If am wrong, please enlighten me. Peace.

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