Fragile Somalia is now taken advantage of by its neighbors!

Just as the International Community, the United Nations and African Union Mission are holding a tight grip, while the Mogadishu political scene is in full squabble and in-fighting. The neighbors are setting their sights on more land, Somali land to take control over. Over the last 24 hours, there are reports that Ethiopia has taken control over Aato District of Bakool province, where the Ethiopian government has built a hospital and a Police Station. They have annexed it without any forewarning.

Just like that the Kenyan government has started to building a border wall at Beled-hawo Town, the Kenyans are extending their border and their land with the building of the wall. It is a trick to grab some more land away from Somalia. Just like Ethiopia just have built themselves as a state in Aato District. That is the province closest to the Ethiopian border. So, it is fitting, the same as the Kenyan.

This is happening as the Berbera Port deal between Somaliland, Ethiopia and DP World has gotten into issues, as the Mogadishu politicians are trying to stop it and also the connection with Ethiopia. Who has already had a Berbera Corridor, that has been a project since October 2014 and has involved both IGAD, World Bank and other international development banks. All to secure a transport hub between Addis Ababa and Berbera port. That is fitting that the added pressure and lack of transparency between the regional government and the central government in Mogadishu, gets into question. That led to issues between Speaker Mohamad Osman Jawari and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire. Money talks and also adds guns.

That is why the whole play of the international community, while the Mogadishu government lacks control and oversight. While most of the family members of the cabinet are living abroad, while the leaders themselves, are eating for bad deals. And they don’t have the security or training to secure the borders. That is why Kenya and Ethiopia are taking charge on the porous borders, they are invading and annexing land. Because it has no consequence to the sovereignty of Somalia.

AMISOM, who has foreign soldiers on mandate cannot even keep Mogadishu totally safe, as the escalation of car-bombs and fatalities of civilians are a sign of troubles ahead. The President hasn’t attacked or asked for reasons for the neighbors annexation of land. Even if he cares or afraid of doing so. While the PM isn’t acting on it either. Even UN’s Micheal Keating hasn’t addressed it, he who loves to be the face of the Republic. Now he is gone missing on the map. Just like President Farmajo, who should fight for his borders and his state, instead he is busy elsewhere.

This is worrying, that the Kenyans can take this land, that Ethiopia does too. That them all are doing this, that the DP Deal with Ethiopia, while the secrecy of the Berbera Corridor deal is showing it was planned a long while ago, since Ethiopia is landlocked and wants more safe ports than only in Djibouti. That is the sign, it is the Ethiopian power-play, while Kenya just showing power to take more land in self-defense. Still, it is not right to do that to a sovereign.

I am not even Somali and I am worried about the porous borders, the lack of manpower, the Somali National Army and the Police Service, when the foreign states can just do this. You take a breadcrumb, another breadcrumb and next time slice of bread, with time you take the whole bread. That is how we are as people, state is not different from that. As a weak state, that is taken advantage by its neighbor. They know this, because the AMISOM and UN Mission is not training or trying to achieve a secure state. The ones in Central Government want to live on donor funds and rampant corruption, instead of building institutions and stronger army to secure the borders. Because if they do, then they cannot beg for aid. A pledge they can eat without doing any work for it. Peace.

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