Opinion: All tricks to stop Moise Katumbi from entering the next Presidential Race!

Just as the Moise Katumbi and his party has unleashed the Ensemble Campaign, the Prosecutor of the Republic, Flory Kabange Numbi has fixed charges on the Presidential Candidate and challenger to the ones coming out of a non-shadow of President Joseph Kabila. These charges is not new and not a new connection between American mercenaries and Katumbi. This has been known for long, the false accusations and made charges has been in the open before. It is a way of stopping his candidacy, because if he re-enters from Belgian exile, he would be detained and possibly for treason. Not that is for now, but in these instances, that is very natural for this sort of ruler.

This was after the Prosecutor sent a letter mid-march to the Supreme Court Justice with these charges. It is fitting a pattern of stopping the biggest challengers and also the ones that can actually muster support. That because the state is faring his changes, his possible moves and also his agenda. Since he is not from the elite and from the military who earning fortunes on the minerals and the exports, that the state reserves are not accounted for.

The Prosecutor are fitting the charge of Article 198 of the Penal Code, which says:

Will be punished by a penal servitude of five to twenty years, those who have raised or raised armed forces, engaged or enlisted, engaged or enlisted soldiers, or provided them with weapons or ammunition, without order or authorization from the Government”.

Because of the imaginary mercenaries that Katumbi has paid for, given weapons and also given a mission, the republic has charged him with this. So they can put charges and fears of trials, that can put he in jail for up-to 20 years. That because the courts will use the delegated force of the will of the republic. To make sure the will of the President is served. So that his biggest enemy is a political prisoner on a phony charge.

Why I say that, it is because of the timing, the fitting narrative and the need for pinning something on Katumbi. Just to stop him from returning and campaigning. As the supposed election is happening in December 2018. Just like it was supposed to happen in 2016 and never materialized in 2017. So forgive my cynicism if I don’t believe the elections happening before CENI rigs it in favor of Kabila and his henchmen. It is hard to believe anything else. Since the state hasn’t facilitated much or done much to make a difference.

Therefore, this is a proof that Katumbi is feared by Kabila, he fear him more than his own shadow, he fear him more than actual coup d’etat. Since, Katumbi must have something Kabila doesn’t have, that is the popularity and hope. Kabila only carries with him, killings and destructions. While also looting the state, day by day. So do I think he will deliver a balanced and fair election. Than Santa Clause has moved from the Artic and suddenly gotten a house in Kinshasa. Peace.

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