Jinja By-Election: Intimidation and Rigging – The whole NRM M.O. in full effect!

Nathan Igeme Nabeta voting at Main Street Primary School in Jinja town.

You know that your candidate sucks, when you have to send the army into the streets of Jinja East. That is at least the evidence found for the National Resistance Movement Member of Parliament Candidate Nathan Igeme Nabeta. Who can sleep and get sick as a future MP, because he will naturally work for the agenda and causes President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wants him too.

This Jinja East By-Election is just a proof, that the NRM regime are doing whatever they can to stop any independent mind or opposition MP into the Parliament. They use all venues, they arrest FDC personnel, the arrests their activists and their people on the ground. Just this week after the final rally for the FDC candidate Paul Mwiru, the state went to FDC Offices in Jinja and detained 51 of them. Without no hesitation, just to hurt the final stages of the campaign.

This just shows again, that the Uganda Police Force, is more political motivated, than being an actual crime-fighter brigade. Because they are working in favour of the president and his will. They do anything, not just to secure the voters get to vote in peace, but to intimidate, as usual. That is why tear-gas vans and other mambas has driving down the streets. It is insane, but only natural in the republic, which Museveni resides.

There are 47 polling stations, but considering the amounts of police and army personnel, you would not think this was not a by-election, but a hostile takeover. That someone was invading Jinja East and making sure, they did the right thing. In this regard, vote for the future sleepyhead Nabeta. I do not even know if he had a message during his campaign, because all that came out of his rallies. Was the standing and words of the President!

I do not know if that was by accident, but clearly, we cannot mistake that. Just like the clips and photos of the police beating anyone who they think might vote for Mwiru. If you think this democratic, if it is justified, you are wrong. This is just a vicious attempt of taking control of the seat in Parliament.

At this point, the NRM owns the Parliament and has the advantage anyhow, so I do not see it. Nevertheless, Museveni must conspire something out of his sleeve or back pocket. Because he has sent the irons, the blades and the tricks of his trade to the Jinja East.

At this point, the results does not matter, because the rigging, the anticipation for a fair result is gone. This is the sort of staged affair. That should be cancelled and new re-run with serious contending parties and no partial policing in the district, I know that is a dream, but that is if the ruling regime would fair. Which is not and never intend to be.

We know now that Nabeta is a sucky candidate, a candidate not worth writing about, as the popularity is in the hands of previous winner Mwiru of the FDC. However, the NRM and the Police wants it otherwise. I should care about the result, but it’s hard to do so, when the Police and the army is used in this fashion. It is petty politics, where the Commander-in-Chief, where the President sends his forces to teach his people a lesson. This isn’t an election. At this point, it is a Presidential Selection. Peace.

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