Opinion: President Museveni burns the candle at both ends!

Even if the NRM MP is sick and sleepy, he’s still better than an acting opposition MP who’s very active. He might be inactive in other things but if he seconds the issues of govt, then he has contributed a brick to the peace of the country” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at a Campaign Rally (13.03.2018)

It is time to for President Museveni to stop his mixed messages. Because today during a By-Election Campaign Rally, he said there was no issues if a National Resistance Movement (NRM) Member of Parliament is sleeping. Why I am revealed by that, is that he is initially telling the crowds. Just elect my stooges, my cronies, I decide anyway, it is all my agenda. All that is done is on my time and my watch. The NRM MPs can be sick and can sleep. You shouldn’t mind them. Because they are just voting when I need them, the rest of the time, they are just lackeys that I have to take care off. So it’s good that the President is telling the truth. Because that is what he did.

However, sleeping was a problem 24 hours ago. Therefore, it is okay for his lackeys, but not for people in general: “President Museveni has said Ugandans, and Africans more generally, are poor because they spend too much time sleeping. “Africa is so rich because we have got water, land, minerals, good weather. So, how does this (poverty) come about? It is because of nino (Langi for sleeping),” Mr Museveni said. In Africa, he noted, there is also a lot of “oversleeping”” (Oketch, 2018)

Shouldn’t there be a coherent message, that sleep for NRM MPs is good because it fixes my agenda and my life as President. But the citizens has to awake and work? How come? Why them and not the representatives? It doesn’t add up?

Well, if the riches, the cronies can get away with sleep, why shouldn’t the people of Gulu and Arua sleep? Why should they stress collecting, hustling and doing whatever, when their NRM representative is always sleeping the few times they have to show up for Plenary Session in Parliament. What gives?

Museveni is showing his lack of well-thought thinking. One day saying sleeping is bad, the next day it’s good. Africa and Uganda is poor because people sleep. However, his cronies and lackeys they can sleep all they want. They don’t have to work, because Museveni makes the agenda. When they are representing the people, aren’t it okay that the people also sleep? If they have sleepy-face in parliament, cannot the constituents be sleepy in alley and the valley? Why not?

I know that you have to awake to able to work. You have to enough sleep to be productive, that is the same for a farmer, as much as for an MP. Unless the MP get instruction and just have to vote “yay” and the day is done. While the farmer still needs energy to toil the soil and make sure the seedlings grow. So an MP needs less. That is natural, but still the MP should be the most eager, since the delivery of the MP is for his constituents and for the Republic.

That is lost in all of this, because Museveni wants people to sleep and not see his double-standard. Peace.


Oketch, Bill – ‘Sleep making Ugandans poor – Museveni’ (12.03.2018) link:http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Sleep-Ugandans-poor-Museveni-Dokolo-Africans-/688334-4337600-116na2m/index.html

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