President Nkurunziza settling himself for life as a Imboneza yamaho from now on!

You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

We knew when President Pierre Nkururnziza illegally made himself a President for a third term in 2015, after the Constitutional Court and CENI allowing him to run for a third term. Now they are preparing for the election in 2020. So that the President can run for a fourth time. This is just all to settle his role and position for life. None above him and no one to succeed him.

That is why the opposition is detained, harassed and even assassinated them. The insecurity has led dozens upon dozens of refugees in fear of the oppression from the government. As people disappear and got lost in the wind. The waves of uncertainty as the alerts and suddenly people gone missing. That is what has happen since the demonstrations before the elections in 2015.

This and the adding up of fearful rhetoric, militarization of the youth party of the Imbonerakure, who has special training and funds from the CNDD-FDD. They have been sometimes working with the police and army to beat down on the opposition and if people might have leniency towards the opposition. They will be taken too. That is how it is in Burundi, for those who don’t know.

So, that the President has this weekend been named the Eternal Guidance after a two-day rallies in Ngozi Province. He is the new Imboneza. The total kingpin, the almighty leader and eternal guidance of the nation. This is the man whose wisdom is giving people “passport” to heaven if they oppose him. He is the wisdom of the people, he is the vicious ruler of the Republic. This is the same state that has sentence three Human Rights activists to jail for 10 years for having a Human Rights Workshop. That was a national threat.

The Imboneza is so afraid of the opposition, so afraid of dissidents, that he kills and silence them with vile force. He misuses the power, get people extra taxed to pay for his up-coming elections. This is the leader who cannot be succeeded. The President for life, the one with the answers, the ones with the decrees and the orders. The one deciding if you deserve to live or die.

The Imboneza yamaho, the mighty fella who has the army and training the youth in his vision. The one starting to hire people by ethnic group, the one using state funds for his own agenda not building the republic. The one having secret deals and instructions within the NGOs who work there. The president who has decided and controlled the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, in general stopped the progress or lack of transparent activity by the EAC project served by President Museveni. Who is a friend of Nkurunziza and accordingly gives him what he needs.

Now it is transparent, that the party is making him the eternal guide, the man for eternity. Just like they we’re supposed to vote for anyone else anyways, he has consolidated all the powers around him.

This was about to happen, it was just a matter of time.

He is now the Imboneza yamabo, the eternal leader, the eternal guide and the leader for life. No election, no rally and no way this end with peace, this will end in death and destruction. Since, a leader like this is only swallowed by his own power or he destroys everything he tries to build. There is never anything in between.

President Nkurunziza will now never leave, unless something would happen to him. He will linger on either until his last breath or a coup of some kind. There seems to be no other way out for this man, like so many of his kind. This sort of President doesn’t go in and leaves with a peaceful successor. They leave with a bang, that is why they are eternal, why they are almighty and decide fate of all his underlings.

I wish I didn’t have to write that part, but I got too. Because that is just the end. Peace.

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