Opinion: Yesterday’s Agreement puts the 2022 Elections all in the hands of Ruto!

Yesterday was weird for me, to see Canaan getting traded away, the National Super Alliance Co-Principals feeling left behind like stray dogs and Uhuru Kenyatta winning a big giant leap of victory. Raila Odinga handed him the legitimacy on the open plate. Served him the Salvation Army and traded away the NRM and the Resistance. Odinga traded away the demonstrations and the protest against the rigged government. Suddenly gave away the cause for personal gain. With that in mind. Your mind start bubbling. I hope I am dead wrong, but if not, than conning leaders are doing this for the long-con.

The Short-Con is gone, the staged efforts to thwart the Jubilee, their businesses, the protests against the state, unless other outside entities actually takes it serious and want to stop the Kenya Revenue Authority from collecting VAT, they are obliged to do it on their own accord. The National Super Alliance is practically dead. The Orange Democratic Movement made peace with Jubilee. Even if Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) didn’t do it, even if Musalia Mudavadi of Amani National Congress (ANC) and Moses Wetangula (FORD-K). All of these three was left behind.

The one who got it for the long-con is Deputy President William Ruto, who has severed a tasty stew of political juggernaut style. He was severed the revenge and victory lap without any consequences of the hatred, the political picturesque attack on NASA and suddenly Odinga signs with his boss. Ruto who has started to challenge MPs and getting Court Orders in his favors. To trigger by-elections where he hopefully get favorable candidates.

Right now the people of Kenya should feel they are run by a bunch of hustlers, who are tricking the money out of them by any means. That is what has happened, by the broke state, while the politicians are richer than God. They own the lands, the businesses and the state, they use the funds and allocate tenders to made up corporations who doesn’t serve the ministries where they supposed to deliver public services to. In this regard, the Jubilee did a grand score with having the agreement yesterday. Odinga delivered legitimacy, in the midst of uncertain, developing levels of insecurity and also financial strains.

Kenyatta don’t have to think about 2022, unless someone amends the Constitution so he can run for a third term. That isn’t fiction, that has happen all over the East African Community and could certainly happen in Kenya too. Also, Ruto would dismiss that, he wants to be bride, not only the burro. Ruto wants to succeed Kenyatta to say otherwise is to blind and foolish. Now that NASA and Odinga has signed of their resistance and their will to counter the shameful election 2017. They are now not so unfriendly.

Ruto could be the Presidential Candidate, while ODM and Odinga would be his Vice-President. That is a speculation, but then Ruto would have the State Machinery behind him and Odinga would have the crowds together with loyal cadres within the ODM. That means that Odinga would leave behind three stooges and Co-Principals. They would been seen as bad leftovers, who betrayed him when he needed them most. Even if he back-stabbed them yesterday himself.

This leaves the open question of the values of the 3 stooges and if they will follow suit, if they want to rig themselves and trade their parties into the fold of Ruto as well.

There is still one key Joker in this and that is not Jaguar. Mick Jagger has more relevance than him. The one not mentioned, but a dynasty not to forget is the Moi, Gideon Moi might want to takeover the Jubilee, that meaning the successor of Jubilee will be hectic and what sort of promises Kenyatta has given to Daniel Arap Moi is hard to know. If he has promised a future of his son is not easy to know.

Gideon could be a problem and torn to Ruto. That is known and is an issue ahead, just like the Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s has fought publicly, the Moi’s will do the same when their time come. I doubt Gideon will give way, because of entitlement. Ruto is just a former preacher, he is on the other-hand a son of former President. Therefore, I expect this to create fuzz and issue.

If Gideon becomes the front-man of Jubilee, Ruto will use his forces, his MPs and his use of political craft to subdue Odinga and both of them going against who else his Moi’s running mate. They will all feel the wrath as Ruto is not a man of mercy, even if he is a former preacher. Odinga are now showing again how he uses relationship and political will to change. What is such a downer, is that he just used a cause to own political gain and not real change. Talking rainbows and unicorns, but giving the public a doughnut. In hip-hop slang, the public is taking an L.

This is depending on how this plays out for Ruto, since the 2017 grievances are now buried in the dust of the past. It is deceased and will not be relevant until someone digs up the corpse within OT-Morpho, IEBC, Cambridge Analytica or Harris Media. All of these different pieces the answers to the rigged affair in favor of Kenyatta, who has gotten away with a giant heist and Odinga finally signed into too.

Ruto is the giant winner and he can start to craft his team for 2022 and make sure the best team is around him. The ones he trust and the running-mate he will have favor with, the one he will make sure is loyal to him. If he is wise, he would consider Moi, but if doing so. Odinga and ODM would cross him. This time it would be different. However, if he picks Odinga, they will be questioned by Moi. Who will use the tactics of his father and tricks of the trade. They will not get unscratched. Therefore, which itch will Ruto scratch?

The reason for why the three stooges hasn’t been mentioned because people don’t trust Kalonzo Musyoka, Mudavadi hasn’t the support around him and Wetangula has to show his relevance to be considered now. Miguna Miguna would have a bigger voice when he returns, than any of these gentlemen, especially if he continues with his resistance message and countering Kenyatta by any means. But, he has been in the shadow of Odinga, Odinga might kick him out. Because it doesn’t favor his new cause, political peace with Jubilee.


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