Jubilee strikes again: This time it’s 40 Billion shillings unaccounted for!

It is weird that this isn’t making bigger headlines, that people are not shocked and in dismay. When you hear the number, you will be shocked. Not that this is the first scandal and the first time the Kenyan Government has ripped and run. That is part of their Modus Operandi, the day to day work of the Jubilee Administration, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, they are known for this, isn’t anywhere or within any part of the government that wasn’t eaten by the cronies and by the Presidency itself.

That is why, when I read 40 Billion Shillings are unaccounted for by the Auditor General Robert Auko, in his newest report on government expenditure for 2015/2016. That is the same amount of $ 395 million US dollar. You got a lot of money, when you misspending these vast amounts of money. This isn’t just a small fry, a banana or even bicycle. The Jubilee Administration has squandered away a vast fortune, that they cannot prove where they spent.

40 Billions, 40 Billion Kenyan Shillings, that is enough money to pay the salaries for 88,000 teachers for year. Nearly 90,000 teachers could get their salaries and put money into society through legal means and needs. Instead, the state has misspent and misused such a vast amount of money, that the State should have a hard time explaining it. This proves that the Jubilee is looting, they are thieving and they are not delivering services to the public. They cannot be able to do so, when they are apparently not proving the spending of over 395,000,000 US Dollars. That is really amazing!

The coming revelations out of this will be charades, secret accounts, uncertain spending, missing invoices, funds from public companies, ghosts and all of the other tools of misusing funds. You have create fake businesses, accounts and also transmit funds between two accounts. The money has to be moved from the taxpayers or the donors account into an unknown place. Kenyatta and Ruto knows this, they have made ways to make it possible.

The excuses and the manufactured stories will come, the possible ways and people will have to address this. In all the different departments, in all the state owned enterprises and other government funds. The Jubilee cannot explain a hidden budget, a confidential budget even, like that isn’t strange, that the lack of transparency is gift for the cartels, the President and his cronies. It is a reason why Kenyatta and Ruto can buy the media, own so much more land and businesses. It is a reason they can invest and get more wealth, because their racket of taking money from the state pays for the private investments.

It fits perfectly well, with the new mansions, with the new ownership of businesses and the land they have acquired. They have gotten rich very quick, they have risen through the ranks while the state has dozens upon dozens of scandals. This is just a continuation of the NYS and all the others ones. Therefore, the ones who knows these people, know that the Jubilee loot the state for their own personal gain. They eat of the government plate and delivers only the breadcrumbs.

You do not lose 395 Million US Dollars, you spend them and misuse them. They are not lost in an envelope, they are not lost in the mail and not just left in a cupboard. They are spent on posh cars, mansions, foreign trips and all other luxurious items a person can have. Jubilee could have spent it on people, on service delivery, instead they made the money vanish into the hands of themselves and their cronies.

To believe something else is naive, as the Jubilee are looting and doing it without any bustle, it is their hustle. Peace.

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