Ethiopia: New State of Emergency orders are to quell demonstrations by all means in Oromia!

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF), the coalition government are preparing all kind of actions against the protest that is spreading in Oromia, as there been demonstrations and sit-home protests in Amhara. There it hasn’t been violent, because people been home. However, in Oromia, where the Qeerroo has reacted to the rearrest of their leaders of Oromo Federalist Congress, the continued protest has been answered with violent aghazi squad or the soldiers attacking them.

First I will drop the orders given by the State Owned Media House Fana Broadcasting Company, which in moderate language, are giving all ways to systematic destruction of the Qeerroo in Oromia. Than, the comments, which is important by the Oromo leader, the Presidetn Jawar Mohammed, before the last message on the matter and the evidence of how violent the State of Emergency is in Nekemte, this being reporting given by ESAT. Which all shows the dire problems within Ethiopia, as the EPRDF and the controlling party within the coalition Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) are using all means, saying they need to use all means. To stop the demonstrations, that as they have sent soldiers to the region, as a occupying force. Taking control of their own population and silence their feet walking in the streets. The walking and running in the streets, combined with hand-gestures are clearly to powerful for the TPLF. That is why they are making it illegal and stopping them by “all necessary measures”. Legalizing violence against own citizens, is what the EPRDF/TPLF.

If that isn’t striking as bad, as a worrying sign and as oppression at the highest grade, then nothing cannot be taken away from the regions that is under-fire by the Woyane regime.

If these forces do not refrain from their destructive actions immediately, based on the decree and the directives, security forces were ordered by the Command Post to take all the necessary measures against them, it said. Moreover, members of the parliament (MPs) residing in Oromia have been submitting complaints to the Command Post repeatedly stating that these forces have been threatening them and their families by using social media, cell phone and in person. Since this is an anti-democratic and destructive move, the Command Post would not tolerate it, the statement said, adding it would take legal measures against forces who were engaged in this kind of action. The Command Post extended its gratitude to the people in various parts of the country for rallying along security forces and giving their life to protect loss of life and damages to properties. The Command Post finally called on the public to strengthen their all-round supports for the success of the ongoing efforts of the government and security forces to fully restore peace in the country” (FANABC – ‘Command Post orders security forces to take necessary measures against spoilers of peace’ 27.02.2018).

NOTICE: With the ongoing killings in Western Oromia and today’s open order to the military to shot and kill our people, the country is sliding to dangerous territory. Qeerroo are preparing while awaiting for the parliament to make a decision on either passing or rejecting the state of emergency. We are hearing the regime is threatening MP’s to pass the SOE when it meets on Friday. If in fact the parliament passes this unnecessary and unconstitutional decree, it will be met and reversed with fierce resistance. Therefore, we strongly advice all to postpone their travels to and within Ethiopia from Friday onward until things clear up” (Jawar Mohammed, 27.02.2018).

One person was killed and 20 others wounded when snipers of the TPLF/Agazi forces indiscriminately shot at protesters in the city of Nekemte, Western Ethiopia. Abebe Mekonnen was shot by sniper fire this morning at the central square of Nekemte a city that has seen renewed protest demonstration against the TPLF regime since last Saturday after leaders of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) were banned from entering to address their supporters. The killing in Nekemte came on the day the regime issued a stern warning through state-controlled media outlets to what it called “anti-peace elements” and ordered security forces to “take all measures necessary” against protesters who defy the state of emergency declared a week ago. The six-month martial law, the second in two years, was declared amid persistent pressure from the public for the release of political prisoners and a call for an end to 27 years of misrule by the TPLF, an oligarchy that solely controls political power and grips economic upperhand” (ESAT, 27.02.2018).

No one should be allowed to order this, to put this in writing and give orders to soldiers, against own citizens and use this force, just because they are tired of the regime who are oppressing them. Therefore, because they are tired of being oppressed, they are getting even more harsher laws to oppress them. Less rights and more directions on how to live and speak less. Spread no information, no rallies, no public gatherings and no communications, which can be seen as a danger to the government. If this isn’t taking away the voices of the people, than nothing is. This is just invading the Oromia and the Amhara, that is both regions used too. The worst is happening right now in Oromia, no doubt. But they use what can against Amhara when they can. Not like they have come there in peace within the last 24 months.

Both of these groups of people, have gotten the ill-treatment from the Woyane, the TPLF and the EPRDF. They have not given any sort of consideration. Seemingly, it seemed to be loosing up when the started to free the political prisoners, but now after the PM resigned. They have turned 360 and back to old games of destruction in the regions where people dare to protest.

I was fearing the worst and already more people are dying because the TPLF/EPRDF want to rule not by consensus, but by total control by any means possible and with any excuse what so ever. Nothing can be untouched by these gentlemen, these leaders who run things from Addis Ababa. They are now occupying regions with soldiers like they are taking foreign soil. They are going into Oromia and Amhara, like they are preparing for war. Instead of reconciliation, the state uses violence to dismiss their own. If that isn’t self-destruction, what is? Peace.

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