The Schiff Memo undress the Nunes Memo: Conspiracy theories of the GOP Versus DOJ Procedures!

Yesterday, the Democratic Party rebuttal Memo came out, after two weeks and first stopping it at the White House. This one is redacted not like the Devin Nunes, the Republican Party Memo, who has been favor of the party line of the GOP there. This is the minority leader at the Intelligence Committee Representative Adam Schiff. This is the answer directly and address the Nunes Memo, which the state itself has said as fact and vindicates Trump. Even if it more likely been a charade that is close of obstruction of justice in the midst of the Russian Probe. Therefore, it is special that the Democrats didn’t initially wanted this out, but the Republicans wouldn’t.

Therefore, the whole ordeal with this memo is strange, the whole idea that Nunes would reveal something so special and so suspect, that it would blow our minds. Which it didn’t, it is within this parameter, that the White House has dismissed this one and did it as the released this one. On a Saturday Evening, while the CPAC was happening. Where Nunes get to comment it and also say it is false. So the narrative they are playing, they are playing it with full force.

The Schiff Memo of 29th January 2018, which also reveal that the Steele Dossier is not reason behind the Trump Campaign investigation and neither the vital reason for the FISA Applications done on Trump Campaign Aide Carter Paige. So this shows only with this information what sort of Hitman Nunes has been in this story. This memo says before the issues transpired and the narrative of disclosure that Papadopoulos, which the FBI was already monitoring for the covert operations of Russians in the 2016 elections. The report even states that FISA wasn’t used to spy directly on the Trump Campaign, but more on associates that had been monitored by the FBI previously and continuously, as the Intelligence was also informed, the Department of Justice and FISA judges knew what Steele was collecting on intelligence, which happen to connect two of the foreign advisers of the Trump Campaign. They we’re already monitored and had enough evidence on even before campaigning started. Also, the memo dismiss the idea of the DoJ paying for the dossier.

Therefore, the paradox of this memo, is how strikingly chauvinism that the GOP did with their majority memo, how it undercuts their own institutions for their own gain. How they are addressing their own ways of monitoring and gathering intelligence. If that isn’t striking, nothing is, as they are trying to spell out the troubles of FBI, DOJ and FISC Applications, which has been done with proper procedure and with gathered information, doing the due-diligence and securing the approval of the judges on Paige and Papadopoulos, even before the Trump Campaign.

What shows how the Nunes memo makes conspiracy out of thin-air is how they have made the Fusion GPS and the connection with Bruce Ohr, that seemingly was just tying dots. That didn’t exist and had no grounds. There are even no indication or no basis for the stated facts inside the DOJ to prove the supposed relationship and either transactions as the Nunes Memo says it did. Which, is just showing how far the Republicans go to alter a case in their favor at the moment.

Then the SMS between the two FBI Agents, which has been a talking point for the Republicans, who was dismissed from the FBI because of bias, when the DOJ found it out. So this is just another proof of how the GOP are working to undermine own institutions in favor of their president and his associates. Instead, of understanding the troubling connections it has had to Russia.

This memo showed more of the procedure for the rights of monitoring US citizens who are in cahoots with foreign powers. Therefore, we get to see and explained even more how the courts are working to make sure the applications of following Paige and Papadopoulos. So, the Republicans are not winning with this. Because, they are looking more conspiracy theorists, who are following Alex Jones and Sean Hannity, instead of being political operatives who builds up investigations into people who has worked for others. It is weird that party speaking of patriotism, is the ones that are working the most to undermine their own republic. That is just how it is now, burning bridges for their boss Trump, by any means and whatever the costs.

The only one losing the American people, who has a president with Russian associates and undermining their own intelligence organizations and Department of Justice, which are their to safeguard the republic and its values. Instead, they are using the time to stop investigations and find people to spin stories that supposed to invalidate the investigations into the Trump Campaign and the GOP. It is really rare and strange, what is happening in 2017 and 2018 in the US. The state is not so strong anymore, neither is the government, which is reeling and using all force to dismantle itself. Peace.

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