Opinion: The Jubilee Party must be Love Drunk when they say: “The time for noise and politics is behind us, let us get back to work”!

We woke up in the kitchen

Saying, “How the hell did this shit happen?”

Oh, baby, drunk in love

We be all night, last thing I remember

Is our beautiful bodies grindin’ up in that club

Drunk in love” Beyonce (‘Drunk in Love’ from the album Beyonce, released on the 17.12.2013).

Let me set this straight, the Jubilee, the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have been professing the paradigm motto: “The time for noise and politics is behind us, let us get back to work”. They have trying to say it ever since the Fresh Presidential Elections 2017 was over. Clearly the Jubilee and regime is struggling with the aftermath of the election. The Kenyatta and Ruto government are trying to justify their existence. That is why they are using all methods to silence National Super Alliance (NASA). They are using all kind of tricks to make life hard for the opposition. We can just wonder when they strike Raila Odinga. It is just a matter of time before they do so.

Right now, the Jubilee are trying their best with the strategy of saying “time for politics is over”. That because the elections and the campaigns has winded down. However, they are a political party and a government. They are working day to day with politics and policies. They put out the messages of this sort, time and time again.

Calling the speeches, pledges and the campaigning noise, while saying the work in government is separated from the politics. That is where I beg to differ. All work in government, all work as a political party, involves politics. It is very simple reason behind it all and for why I say that. They are fishes in the water, they are trying to distance themselves from the water. If they jump out of the water, they will secure their death. A fish out of the water, is a bad idea. That is what the Jubilee is saying when, we work to leave politics!

If they we’re sincere, they would leave campaigning, but not politics. They would leave out rallies and PR exercises, however, they are using PR with this sort of messaging. That this hasn’t been more scrutinized is beyond me. Because it is basic instinct. It is basic, so basic as a kitchen usually contains some sort of food. The same is that politicians works with politics. The President, the Deputy President and the whole government will work with politics. That isn’t some sort of magic trick.

These people might act like gangster, cartel-bosses with their appointments and hires family and friends to higher positions. They are using the state reserves as private bank-accounts and misuse public funds. At a rate that is foolish, while their corrupt behavior is so common, the riches people isn’t businessmen, but the politicians.

It is just an insane narrative, that a politician are spelling out the need to stop politics. Its like judges and lawyers stopping working with laws. It would be like footballers stop playing football. It just doesn’t make sense, so if this is the Harris Media, Cambridge Analytica or the President Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU). Who knows who has made the Jubilee Party, make the President and Deputy speak like this. It makes them look love-drunk and foolish.

I think the Jubilee Party is drunk and in love with power, that is why they are forgetting what they are. They are waking up and not remembering their place and their visions. They are so lost in place of power. So they are forgetting it all and waking up in the kitchen…

Forgetting what happen last night and that they are involved in politics no matter what. Peace.

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