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Opinion: The twisted tongue of DP Ruto ask people to respect the rule of law!

It is just convenient how the Jubilee and the modern day KANU government profess to the rule of law, the government who themselves are critical of the courts, the ones who has barred judges from appearing and trying to muffle with them since September 2017. It is weird and unique that these gentlemen speaks of the concern of rule of law. When they are ordering unlawful and unjust actions countering the rule of law. When they are in charge misusing the rule of law to take away the rights and privileges, even their citizenship, because they can. That Deputy President William Ruto should instead show his invoices to his palace, instead of talking about the rule of law yesterday. It is insulting to common sense and their codes of conduct.

“All of us must submit to the Constitution of Kenya and the rule of law, not the rule of men” (…) “If there are people who respect the rule of law, then it’s us in Jubilee. We have a track record of abiding by the rule of law and we will continue doing so” (…) “This democratically elected government under the leadership of President Kenyatta will continue to be run on the basis of the constitution and the rule of law” (Kipsang, 2018).

I don’t know about you, but how about all the corruption scandals? How about all the men and woman who has been killed, the extra-judicial killings? Why there are, so many crimes not solved and even looked into? How can this KANU be seen as one for the rule of law?

That is just to begin with and the use of police to harass and detain people without warrants. Taking away gun-licenses and passports without any jurisdiction, That is the rule of law, taking people from meetings and arresting them, stop journalists and bloggers, confiscate their digital equipment and never show the seal of orders. That is the state of affairs. The so called rule of laws in Kenya these day.

The records of accomplishment of Ruto and Kenyatta is not, what they talk, but how they act. How they act and their words are opposite. They speak of peace, but go on total war. The Jubilee speak of following procedure, but when coming to opposition, they go all in without needing to follow the law or the Constitution. They defy the courts, they harass even the judges in public and even house-arrested one at one point last year. Therefore, it is not as if Jubilee is caring much about it. That is why it’s insulting to hear and see that Ruto speak like this.

If Ruto and Kenyatta cares about the constitution, they wouldn’t have sent Miguna Miguna packing to Canada. They would have sent him to the courts and he had to answer for his “crimes”. The same would have happen to Ndii who suddenly faced the law and was arrested without warrants and warning. That is just the state of affairs under Jubilee.

Everyone has to abide the law, except the ones loyal enough to Ruto and Kenyatta, if your not, then you end behind bars for any reasons they can pinpoint at you. They just don’t care, the state and the ones responsible haven’t the need to address it. They can just do it. Like they have done and continue to do.

Therefore, I get tired of insults to common sense, but that is the way of Ruto. That is why he has water all around his home. Since he is afraid of people storming it like a medieval king. Not wanting to have people suddenly barricading his doors and windows. He needs an army to be safe and needs enough security detail as a size of giant village. If not, why did he build a house like that?

Well, that was outside the point, but Ruto. Don’t talk about rule of law, when it doesn’t matter to you or your regime. For you and your elite, the rule of law is a toilet paper that you need to wipe your ass with, but has not existential value or need. It is just there as a grand component, that can be of use when you want to get rid of shit. Peace.


Kipsang, Wycliff – ‘Let’s unite and build Kenya, Ruto tells Nasa’ (18.02.2018) link: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/politics/Let-us-unite-and-build-Kenya-DP-William-Ruto-tells-Nasa/1064-4310350-5xioti/index.html


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