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My letter to Kalonzo: “Are you planning to change alliance again?”

Dear Stephen Kalonzo-Musyoka!

You are the Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM) leader and a National Super Alliance (NASA) Flag-bearer, the initial Deputy of Raila Odinga. Who you we’re supposed to be sworn-in as People’s Deputy President at Uhuru Park on the 30th January. Something happen to you Kalonzo, I don’t know what, if you got the jitters and the stay-home syndrome. Certainly, something that cause defects and issues with your loyal allies.

On the 31th January, there was an incident of a stun-grenade, but then on the 3rd February it became a bomb in the compound of yours. There has also been some reports of bullets. But I don’t know how to believe, since it is fitting the paradigm of arresting a fellow NASA MP and also create fuzz around you. It was just so fitting that the Police did this and made an investigation. While you didn’t go to your own swearing-in with Baba.

So it is hard to know what goes through his mind, as his also spelling out comments attacking Baba and Swearing-In, while the other day saying that he will do it after consultations. Therefore, his leadership styles is finding the softest way to be in the opposition and be on the top. Without trying to make it cost or feel the pay of actually being part of organization. That is why he was bitching seconds after the swearing-in that he had lost the security detail.

That was because CS Fred Matiangi had criminalized the NASA on the 31st January. So it is not like Kalonzo is now a legal leader, not if the Order from the state is official. The reason for all the arrests and the all attacks on the judiciary. Therefore, so many other NASA MPs losing privileges and other positive measures as they we’re part of the political elite. He is a former Minister under Moi and Kibaki, also a founding member of Orange Democratic Movement. So he has followed that after falling out with Kenyatta and Ruto as the talks of 2012 went wrong.

Because you Kalonzo has in the past jumped between KANU, Liberal Democratic Party and the NARC Coalition of Kibaki. So he has shown disloyalty to gain popularity and get leadership roles in all his career. So, you have been a MP and leader who has joined and shifted camp after who you have benefited from. That you have been in both CORD and NASA this long is special for being you. That Wiper Democratic Movement has been part of Odinga’s coalition is a miracle. Since you have in the past jumped ship, especially since you we’re able to find the most popular and biggest leader.

Now you have fallen twice and haven’t won. You haven’t gotten the fair piece of the trick. You have risked it all on Odinga and he hasn’t delivered. Therefore, you have started to be unsure and weak, because you have been a MP for years and also Minister under Moi and Kibaki. That is why you went from being part of ODM to suddenly becoming VP for Kibaki, because you couldn’t block Odinga back then. That was all in 2007 and that is only a decade ago.

So if he would change alliance or trying to find a way out of this and not pay the price of being in resistance against the government. That would seem possible, since you are distancing yourself from the alliance and making yourself a target for the Kamba Youth and also Kenyans in general. Kalonzo, you could have been part of a historical effort to stop the impunity and injustice made Jubilee. Instead your trading your cards for uncertainty. Unless you already traded it by secret offerings with Jubilee, like the ones Thirdway Alliance did to get cars before the October 26th 2017?

Is that what your up to?

Do you think you can go away from Odinga a second time and to prepare for 2022. Think people will forgive you for your disloyalty and your weak response, while people protesting are eating tear-gas and getting beaten by the police.

Kalonzo, what is your plan is it to leave Odinga and join in with Ruto and Kenyatta? What is your move, since you seem like a lost dog and someone who doesn’t know how to carry themselves?

Kalonzo, I would wish you would shown loyalty, but you have changed sides in the past and records usually doesn’t lie. Peace.


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