Russian Probe: The lack of releasing the Dems Memo – Proves that the Republican’s only works to obstruct the investigation!

Today, I will comment the non-sense of not releasing the 5th February Memorandum of the Democratic Party. That would be opposing to the Devin Nunes memo. However, the President, the White House and the Committee, has all voted that down. If the Republican’s believed there was a Democratic Party conspiracy against the case, they would have released this to prove. However, it is just hog-wash and this is groundhog day. Just with a small-handed smug-faced Danny DeVito lookalike in the White House. Who doesn’t have enough character or bright enough to understand the implications of his actions. That is why the Russian Probe needs to be carried out. Even if the Department of Justice and FBI is under assault by the President. That is more likely because he fears of the knowledge they are collecting on him and his family. Since they are all bound the affairs done within a short-window of time.

Since the Devin Nunes Memo was a dud, a broken glass and half-empty suggestions without any scrutiny or disclaimers. That was just made to bring the narrative of a partisan and problematic investigation in the Trump Organization, Trump Campaign of 2016 and their Russian associates. This is deliberate attack on Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Intelligence Community as whole in the United States. It has been made directly from the White House. Since the case implicates the President, who has over time done whatever in his power to obstruct and fire people who are close to investigation.

That is why the Devin Nunes Memo was supposed to vindicate and eradicate the issue. To show that Trump has collectively worked to hunt him down. Even if his campaign has non-disclosed every single meeting, 4 people are indicted and two has pleaded guilty already. Therefore, the case that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is basing, must be on facts he has collected. Who knows what sort of documents he has gotten through the raid and through he subpoenas. That is why Trump will do whatever to stop it. Because he knows deep down, that his connections and his agreements with foreign powers will hurt him. He has never attacked Russians or Russia, but he has attacked his investigators and the US Intelligence. Who has been building this case for months.

Now, the Memo Gate is proving as part of the Russian Probe, a real drama, not that Devin Nunes has had anything fruitful, only proven that Carter Paige has been in the FBI and CIA, and been under surveillance since 2013. Years before he became a part of the Campaign of Trump. So, the surveillance of him was because of his connections in Russia. Just like people was worried that Trump hired Paul Manafort who has had oligarchs and Ukraine Officials on his side. Therefore, the Kremlin and Russian affair isn’t a pipe-dream. There are too many pieces who are loosely connected and narrowing in the web.

That is why it is interesting, that FBI director Christoffer Wrey and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sending letter to Devin Nunes, saying the “5th February Memorandum” cannot be disclosed to the public. Meaning, the Opposition views will dismantle the narrative mentioned by Devin Nunes. Therefore, the letter to the Public from the White House saying it is not possible. However, there was no issue of information or troubles doing the same for the ruling party Republican’s and Nunes to release his. So the President can allow the Memo to be released if it is revised, and then claiming that to be in favor of transparency! So if the narrative of the Memo is changed to fit the program of the White House, it is possible to be released is the technical term of the letter of yesterday. That is what initially Counsel to the President Donald McGahn III wrote in the last paragraph in his letter to Nunes on the 9th February 2018.

All parts of the Bureau and the Department of Justice leadership is Republican, just like the House and Senate is the same. Therefore, the narratives that is favorable, would come from the Republican. That is why we are not seeing the Democratic Memo. Not that I need to see it, but the changing dynamics and the special favors of the White House with the release of Nunes Memo, is evident. You cannot unleash possible intelligence from one camp into one investigation and not unleash from the other party. That is just plain stupid. Even if I don’t think I would be more enlighten by the 5th February Memo. So concerning the affairs of the Banana Republic created by Trump. This sort of drama is a proof of the non bi-partisanship that is in DC at the moment. It is all republican and the rest gets a gentle F-U-C-K Y-O-U. Just in nicer terms like these: “Accordingly, we are once again treating the Committee’s action as request for declassification pursuant to the President’s constitutional authority”.

This proves that President does whatever he can to make himself look better, even without knowledge of the intelligence released. Even the efforts to thwart and silence other views like this. That is why anyone questioning and looking into it, been called fake news. Republican’s knows the deep waters, but trying to sink the sub-marine. We just have to see how it goes. I just cannot wait to read the deposition and the collected evidence from Mueller, when that comes and revealed. That will be damaging and also prove that its far from a hoax and nonsense as the Right Wing try to say the whole time.

However, people like me are not buying it, just like I didn’t buy it from the same Right Wing narrative that Iraq under Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). You thought we forgot the charade and drama created around the George W. Bush Presidency to invade the Middle Eastern Country? They are using the same techniques and stories, to deflect from the lacking evidence. The Republican Party are trying to associate all questioning with anti-Patriotism, however, it should be unpatriotic to collude with Russian to get power. Also have trouble with understanding how low the Republican’s goes to defend the possible treasonous behavior and lack of intolerance against their own republic. It’s like they are all Brutus and are happy they paid him to kill Cesar! Peace.

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