Russian Probe: Awaiting a blockbuster reading the Nunes Memo, but it was all rotten tomatoes!

I was today anticipating the biggest blockbuster, the biggest most bold and brilliant Memo. The Republican Devin Nunes Memo, made by the Californian lawmaker. Clearly this is no Stephen Spielberg movie, this is no movie with Jennifer Lawerence or Benedict Cumberbatch. I was expecting fire and fury. It was supposed to blow my mind. If not, why all this drama of not unleashing the Democratic Party Memo and this?

Why are this such a big deal? That President Donald J. Trump wants to obstruct the Russian investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Because he is afraid of what he will find with his indictments and the things Trump is trying to hide. That is why Trump does whatever he can to dismiss, dismantle and destroy Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), because they are investigating him and he cannot counter-sue it to oblivion like he could like a business-man of some strange sort.

So that he would unleash a possible confidential information within the memo. Proves that the Law and Order President, only care for law and order, when he detains other than himself or his party. David Nunes isn’t the brightest fellow on Capitol Hill and that is proven with this one. Instead of letting a blank being in the chamber, he tried a shot and thought he would kill deer. The only thing he killed was possibly his career or proving his loyalty to Trump. Who will use him like condom, like the ones he used with Stormy Daniels. Well, that is another dirty story for bad tabloid. Not me, though Trump and the Porn Star story deserves total scrutiny, in the sense and levels of Barrack Obama wearing a brown suit. Check that up and see how much that was written about that crap.

Well, back to the nonsense of the obstruction of justice, because they want to make it harder and leave breadcrumbs around trying to validate a reason to stop the investigation of Trump. It’s proven again that the Republican’s doesn’t care or listen to Democrats, just like they did when the government was shut-down. They are majority, so they do as they please, but the efforts to thwart the investigation. Proves how far the President will go. Unleash state secrets to the public to save his own skin. The constitution, protocol or even breaking the norm doesn’t matter to him. Just his own ego and ass.

Donald Trump is an ass, the biggest asshole in a long time running a Nation. That is why he used his White House Counsel Donald McGahn II to address the legal matter and importance, because Trump cannot answer or take responsibility for the acts of destruction against Department of Justice and his own Attorney General Jeff Sesssions. Also the attacks in general on the FBI and the rest of the intelligence organizations within the state. He will leave no stone unturned to fix his predicament.

That Devin Nunes wrote a Memo on 18th January 2018, that isn’t surprising. That he is trying to make the Steele Dossier look like a smirk job is hilarious, considering the implication and that both Dutch and United Kingdom Intelligence has verified parts of it. That he tries to pin it on Hillary Clinton and such, that is political statement and not news. Trump would pin aids, cancer and ebola on Clinton if he could. In this regard, Nunes is only following his orders from the White House.

What is amazing that there are supposed no connection between Carter Paige and George Papadopoulos, which is striking in itself. Since they we’re both in the Trump Campaign and working to get Trump elected. Secondly, the we’re both aides and worked to generate support both in Russia and in Greece. Papadopolous has already pleaded guilty and is co-operating, while Paige is still working on his matter before Mueller. Paige already has a profile and been followed, because of his ties to Moscow. So with that in mind and Russia hasn’t really been a friend, there been Russian spies in the United States who has been expelled. Therefore, that government surveillance on Paige shouldn’t be striking. More evident of how reckless the Trump Campaign was and used the Americans with Russian ties. To secure a benefiting relationship with Russian counterpart and their priorities. Because the Trump Presidency are afraid of when the pieces are collected together. That is why the Memo had to be released. Not that confidential memos usually are released hot-cakes, but maybe that is the future of the White House. Since they are not caring, can we get the memos from former FBI Director James Comey and all others than reveal more facts into the Obstruction of Justice case of Trump.

So now the nonsense is out and the supposed big booming memo is unleashed, we can now scrutinize the White House and the Nunes, who had an agenda, but instead shooting themselves in the foot. That the American government are having secret surveillance on American Citizen’s make sense; because US Citizen are in possible cahoots with a foreign enemy states, which happens to Russia like Carter Paige. So it is not strange that there was more extensions of so and that the FBI continued to investigate it. It only suddenly matters because the person was connected to the Trump Campaign and was in meetings with people in and around Trump. That is why the President is pissed, because he found out someone was under surveillance because of their connections. So it is the company that he kept and their history is following them. Just like former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and Richard Gates who are indicted too, who has to many connections to Ukraine and Russian oligarchs. Therefore, Nunes, who knows this is trying deflect the issues with this sort of play.

The cards are already play and the Trump Campaign, the White House and aides around the Republican Party are trying to sort this out; however they are not good at it. It is a reason why Trump cheats on the golf-course and also on his marriage. Because he isn’t loyal and cannot be honest. That is proven, that’s why the confidential can released, since it was to help his case. Clearly it doesn’t, this should make Nunes a laughing stock in DC. He deserves it, because this Memo isn’t working as salvation, this is made for their own crucifixion. Peace.

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