The Police is now arresting three journalists from NMG: Kaikai, Madowo and Mijungu!

Today, the Nation Media Group (NMG) and the National Television (NTV) Kenya at their National Center has been not only stopped their broadcast on the second day. But today, three of their top journalists has been arrested this evening. These are Linus Kaikai, Larry Madowo and Ken Mijungu. These three was arrested by Police Officers in Plain Clothes.

The orders of CS Fred Matiangi are clearly in effect and the attack on the media is full action. We can just await now that the Police are going after KTN and Citizen Kenya TV. Since they have already gone to the other station. We can just await others who will follow. If this being radios or printed media. Because blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has to show-up in Court after two days behind bars. I don’t know the state of his, but they have been in jail for over 5 days at this point. If they also we’re released today.

It is nicknamed Tano Terror and Tano Outrage, as they are avenging the National Super Alliance (NASA) had yesterday swearing-in or Presidential Oath of Raila Amolo Odinga. As the broadcast of these events was warned about on 26th January 2018. This was days before the Oath, but still several of mediahouses went to it. They we’re all threaten by the President as he warned them. Now it is coming in affect.

That they are doing this and taking them. Is proving how they are assaulting the freedom of speech. They are having issues with the Githeri Media. Wonder if they will arrest anyone from the Star, which is a paper owned by Ruto. Or they will be left behind?

This is just the start of the purge, as well as what has happen to the MP earlier in the day. We know now their mission and its to silence possible dissidents from the Jubilee/KANU line. Since this is out of Moi’s playbook. Peace.

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