NASA revealed the 8th August 2017 Results and they are damning!

The questionable Presidential Elections in 2017 in Kenya have been ambushed and attacked for the results. That has been righteous, since the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) hasn’t been straightforward and they have manipulated the results. Using all kind of questionable algorithms and pre-made results to fit the Jubilee paradigm. This was all made and fixed to make sure that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto could rule for another term.

What is striking is how long the National Super Alliance (NASA) waited to release these numbers and the reports of the election. Especially that they waited until the second election was over in November 2017 and Kenyatta was sworn-in. It is now 5 months since the election and the Supreme Court did nullify it. Still, even with that, the IEBC went on having a 2nd run with the same results and rigging, that has been established as okay by the courts. Not that the people believes the results of the 26th October, the Pyrrhic victory wasn’t genuine and people knows it. The IEBC used the same tactics as the nullified August election, therefore, the victory of October doesn’t count as well.

However, we know that IEBC rigged the numbers, so if the NASA has gotten proof numbers and votes. It would be damning, like this. What we got yesterday was the gist. Today on Facebook, the NASA page dropped pages upon pages, with districts and numbers on each polling stations. So that proves the slides of yesterday. So that the IEBC said it debunked it, is nonsense. Because, trusting any statement from the current leadership inside the IEBC is to trust snake-oil salesmen. We have been told by parents since childhood that they are not trustworthy. So we can question them for their activity, their ways of counting the votes and their providers of services. All of them was in question, still the IEBC went on and used them, OT Morpho, Safaricom and so on.

Here is NASA results from 8th August 2017:

This is demonstrated in our letter of 10th August to IEBC giving results of

Raila Amolo Odinga 8,041,726 votes

Uhuru Kenyatta 7,755,428 votes” (NASA, 2018).

Their results prove that Raila Odinga won in 28 counties and Uhuru Kenyatta won in 21 counties. This seems reasonable with the knowledge of the popularity of Jubilee and NASA. Its also tight-knitted, which would make sense, since even if Jubilee is ripping off society, adding debt, amazing amounts of scandals and also growing insecurity. The Jubilee administration has still their supporters. So these numbers make sense.

That the IEBC wanted to debunk and says it was worthless numbers, is because the IEBC didn’t follow the guidelines of the Supreme Court verdict before the 26th October 2017 Fresh Presidential Elections. They never opened the servers, the NASA could even tell who was hacking the server and did their duty to alter the results. We already knew that certain persons logged in over 1000 times to change in favor of Kenyatta. The Cartels and the Party needed him in Power, not the people, but the companies and cronies needs him.

That the Kalenjin and Kikuyu elites only trust the newly labeled KANU, sorry it was named Jubilee. Let’s be clear, these people will not accept the result of a victory of Odinga or any of his allies. That is why they even closed courts before testing the appeals and the petitions to stop the October 26th Elections. Therefore, the Jubilee did everything they could to rig it for the second time. The IEBC and Jubilee haven’t proven any signs of making electoral procedure or make sure the elections would be free and fair. The counting and the results would altered in a narrative fitting Kenyatta. That is well-known and the facts are now there. The releases of NASA now plus what they did during 2017 has proven the allegations and also the conspiracy is real. The actions are also there, because the Jubilee have all the motive in the world to conquer the election by any means.

That Odinga and the NASA leadership feels betrayed and that the Jubilee has stolen the election. That is justified. Just that the observers and monitoring agents was the devils advocate and defended it. Expecting that NASA and Jubilee going into dialogue, even if Jubilee don’t want to do so before 2022. That has been said a lot by Kenyatta himself. The EU came in January with questions and allegations too, but then it was already late. Their own ambassadors together with US Bob Godec had already rubber-stamped the events. In the sense and service of “stability”. This is a game to them and that the people should understand it’s okay to a thief-in-chief instead of head of state.

NASA has their rights and its good they are delivering the results of 8th August 2017 as they are planning to swear-in Odinga on the 30th January 2018. However, it is a bit late 5 months after. They have done this very smooth, instead of showing it when the stove was burning. It is good its revealed and unleashed online. This is really damaging the IEBC and Jubilee more. Their are already an illegitimate government, by the Pyrrhic victory in October 2017. This is well-known, that they we’re rigging like crazy in August 2017 is also well documented. The numbers and tallies of NASA is showing the reality. A reality that Jubilee and Supreme Court will not care about. They will not alter the narrative now. But the world is watching… Peace.


NASA Coalition – 8th August Election Results (26.01.2017) – link:

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