Age Limit: 2nd Plenary Sitting on the 2nd Day with a long debate, but no resolution or vote!

The Second Reading has now taken two days. Soon the reported time of three days after delivery is actually within sanctioned time. Since the morning plenary reading was chaotic and was a disarray. After 2PM the Second Plenary Sitting and Session in the Chambers. The tone seems different and the Parliament went more like normal. It lasted for over 7 hours with debate. Also 73 Members of Parliament said their peace. Both Opposition Members and National Resistance Movement MPs. Clearly, the Opposition was most direct against it, not surprisingly, but the NRM loyalists really want to show their heart.

This Plenary Sitting hasn’t been fruitful, even with showing know progress or any result. At least the MPs and the Speaker Kadaga can rest assure, that the public saw some calm and clear minded representatives. Still, the factor remain. When and at what point will they finish the second reading and all the needed motions, so they can deliver this bill to the President.

They are expected to take a vote after debate tomorrow. So expect a long day with lots of arguments. Even if the NRM regime and MPs are relaxed. Since they got the majority and near the levels of legal binding votes to get the bill over the finish line. Then they can eat the consultation money and also the bribes payed for doing so. That is ordinary, it isn’t only the 30 million shillings, but talk of even more shillings for the vote.

We can see that the NRM are ready and just wants to show loyalty and support to Museveni. Therefore, their support and their words are pure cronyism. There is no soul or address, that shows the positive changes. They are all swallowing the Majority Report and uses the arguments from there. Non has their own independent mind, however, that is not the will of Museveni anyway. So many of them said the Constituencies and their people said to touch it. That is why they are there.

It is hard to believe so, when the big statistics and polls has shown the districts in general are up to about 80% who wants the Age Limit to stay. Clearly, the MPs must have bribed their constituency, if not they are lying through their teeth.

What we can wonder, since there is a vote tomorrow. Will they try to push the law in or accepted the motion for ending the second and third reading. So they can gear-up the speed for voting it in and making it law. That would be convenient for the President and for the NRM. So they are done before Christmas, the gift that some wanted to put a yellow ribbon and call it a day.

We can wonder if there will strangers tomorrow. If the streets will be littered with Military Police, Special Forces Command and Police Officers. Since the times when it has been needed by the state. They have sent their security officials before to hold the opposition members. Expect them to be taken if they vote against the will of the President. Even if it means that Museveni are implicating himself even more.

Well, the law is all about him and his needs. This law isn’t about discrimination or older people’s place in society. That is just a front, because of Museveni’s age. The age that no-one can be sure about. Because different pay, says different thing.

Tomorrow morning, the whole thing starts up again. We cannot know and have knowledge how many who will be debating then. We know that Kagada is gearing up for a vote and that means the gloves will be off. The NRM and the Parliament needs closure of this. Museveni needs his stick, so he can continue to rule. Without any consideration of the implications of doing so. He is just self-centered and wants to be king as long as he lives. Peace.

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