Age Limit: The Dawn of a New Day of Destruction, with Soldiers lurking within the Chambers!

Dr Sam Lyomoki: “since you have suspended the rule that governs debate on what rule should the debate proceed?”

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga: “just go on and debate”

We know that the 10th Parliament already has Uganda People’s Defence Force Members of Parliament, but these are generals and high-ranking officials elected there by some sort of function. Which is needed group to secure the National Resistance Movement will and overpower of the minority in the Parliament.

However, as it followed yesterday’s chaos. It has not been any better or faired any smoother in the chambers today. Again, it is not important what been discussed today or which laws that are amended. Even if it is talking about longer extensions of terms for Members of Parliament and by all means the President. This all about the will of the President, who wishes to rule for life. No matter how hectic, how foolish or ignorant of the laws he created in 1990s. There are no bounds to his self-inflicting wounds.

Today there are signs of unarmed police officers in the chambers and also de facto soldiers hanging around eating and enjoying themselves. All of that created massive chaos. So the discussions or debate got silenced. Even several of MPs tried to fight for the microphone. There has been mentioned that it was 300 soldiers within the chapel of the Parliament, fully equipped with arms. Clearly with intention of creating tension. They succeeded.

The Parliament for the second day in the morning was cancelled or adjourned until 2 PM! They do not like to do it the silent way. It has to be a mess, with suspensions and with soldiers. It is much at stake, which strangers has to be in the chambers and security officers of all kinds has to wander in the chambers of the parliament.

We can just wonder what is next. This battle for life presidency is not over and will take its toll and make people wounded. Either in spirit or in their hearts. Certainly, the National Resistance Movement and their President cannot be giddy. This is moving slowly and showing their ignorance of their own chambers, their own National Assembly, just so their master and leader can rule for life. Is that the price for his rule? Therefore, he can destroy the sanctity of the chambers. Make the assembly who creates laws into a place of heresy and make it ungodly? Is that the will of President Museveni?

There is very or little honor left in this men. If there was any, the NRM regime are ready to swallow all the venom, so Museveni can live and die as President. Not caring about the effect or the message, they are sending. The soldiers used the gates between the President’s Office and the Parliament to access the chambers. Clearly, in violation of the order from Speaker to seal of that way. If so, it might just been for the show and they knew all along that they planned to do it this way.

Let the ill-advised saga continue. Peace.

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