Opinion: Beware, don’t build a cult around Mnangagwa!

I know that this is something that shouldn’t be written about, but still I do. Because the state can go into the same mistakes as it did with former President Robert Mugabe. The newly sworn-in President Emmerson Mnangagwa, that after a bloodless military coup got a new cabinet and a new position. While Mugabe ruled for years upon end. 37 year to be exact. He had the time to build the systems around him and stifle the state reserves his way and to his loyal cronies.

Now the changes might occur, but the reality is that the Herald, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and other state institutions have praised the new President. They have given him honor, they have named a barracks after him and soon we can await street changes too. There are even reports of will to change Robert Mugabe Avenue to Mnangagwa Avenue in Harare. That is just telling, that the Zanu-PF is on the same route. Just with another head.

The coup might change a old problem, the coup might change the pivotal part of the problem, but it hasn’t changed the organization behind it. They are still all able to live in riches and to be capable of doing similar acts as before. They are making clothes in similar fashion like with Mugabe, but with the face of Mnangagwa. We can wonder if the praises of ZANU-PF will be as godly as they we’re concerning the previous ones. The cadres of the party was putting him next to God, he was in bible and would even deciding the faith of all people at the pearly gates.

With this in mind, the Zanu-PF and the people should make sure they are not doing the same with Mnangagwa. He is from the same cloth as the previous President and he has been apart of the party the whole time. Mnangagwa knows the drills and knows the political game. Therefore, he will use his position, but also to his gain. If he will fall for the praises, the editorials of blessed leadership and the content built to build him up. Instead of having questions about the current leadership, about the party and the role of the military. The lack of partisan institutions and such. The need for change for a better New Zimbabwe. Than, the Mnangagwa era will be more of the same.

Since it has started where the Mugabe era ended. There have been a few arrests, but the Cabinet is more of the old guys plus a few military leaders. Tomorrow is also awaiting the press conference of General Chiwenga, to see if he steps up and becomes one of the two Vice-Presidents. That would not be shocking, because of the role of the military of late. Mnangagwa has to pay back in currency, since he wouldn’t be in-charge if it wasn’t for them.

Clearly, this will not be easy, as the same traits of a cult is building around Mnangagwa, as he is big new savior and big new change of glory. He will be the beacon of hope in the midst of inflation and rising prices on bread. There are enough issues going into Christmas. They will be there when 2018 strikes. What matter is that the people, the ZANU-PF and the rest. Should be aware and be worried.

That they are building a personality cult around Mnangagwa. Just like they did with Mugabe. It is just a 75 year old instead of 93 year old man. Mnangagwa deserve to try out and see if he can win an election in 2018. However, he isn’t a giant hero, before he has done something heroic. Right now he is just filling in the spaces left by the former administration. That he was apart until he was sacked.

The Zimbabweans doesn’t deserve another cult, around another Executive and another President. Mnangagwa, is just a man representing all Zimbabweans. Supposed to deliver government services to the Citizens. That is why he is President. He is not a President because he deserves praise or glory. He is just a man and let him be that. Emmerson Mnangagwa don’t need to glorified, he needs to be tested and needs to be put under scrutiny all the time. His reign shouldn’t be like the end of Mugabe, but be of questions and be of demonstrations for service delivery. That has been lacking for decades. Peace.

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