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Brexit: Dublin (the Irish) now have the upper-hand over London (the British) in the negotiations!

Today, it’s been proven by statements between Donald Tusk and Leo Varadkar that Theresa May and Arlene Foster has a hurdle to pass. Not only respecting the Good Friday Agreement and that provisions. But also now the center stage isn’t in London as the Tories-DUP Government have claimed, they are starting to swim alone and struggling to show their transparent negotiations with the European Union (EU). Dublin have now the upper-hand and Tusk has told world. That is new world-order for London, who has in the past muffled a lot with the Irish. Therefore, historical line of the British over the Irish is now fad and the European Union is sanctioning it.

Donald Tusk Statement to the Irish:

It is no secret that we discussed Brexit with a special focus on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. I came to Dublin to reassure the Taoiseach and all the Irish people that the EU is fully behind you and your request that there should be no hard border on the island of Ireland after Brexit. The Irish request is the EU’s request. Or as the Irish proverb goes: “Ni neart go cur le cheile” (There is no strength without unity)” (Tusk, 2017).

Arlene Foster message to the Tories:

Amid reports that Dublin and London could be close to a deal that would avoid a “hard border”, Ms Foster went on the offensive to insist that she will not accept a new border “in the Irish Sea”” (…) “Ms Foster said that Ms May already “has been categorical” in accepting the DUP requirement. “Her Majesty’s government have a clear understanding that the DUP will not countenance any arrangement that could lead to a new Border being created in the Irish Sea,” she said” (Moriarty, 2017).

Arlene Foster has leverage concerning the Tories-DUP Agreement, but the United Kingdom also has the Good Friday Agreement and also negotiations with the European Union. When concerning Irish border and trade, the veto and power-player is now the Irish government. It is not in London and the with the negotiation team of the Tories-DUP to Brussels. They are even salvaging as it is.

Brexit negotiations are now officially on Irish terms, especially their wishes for the borders. If the Irish wants soft or hard borders, even if they have to make it in a way where still the United Kingdom is an officially third country and with those regulatory borders. Still, the can be specialized agreements between the Irish and the UK. That depends on if the Northern Irish and the London can accept the boundaries and the tariffs. Also the possible movement between them as well.

It will now depend on Dublin, not London. Irish has the upper-hand in the negotiations and the Tories-DUP knows this. The Irish can veto if they don’t agree with negotiated agreements that has been made in Brussels. Clearly, Foster and May must feel the pain. As they are not as high and mighty. They actually have to make sure the Irish feel respected and have their way. If not, the Irish can stifle the process and make it harder for London. Secondly, London have to accept it, since the Irish can veto. Peace.


Moriarty, Gerry – ‘Arlene Foster: DUP will not accept Brexit border in Irish Sea’ (30.11.2017) link: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/arlene-foster-dup-will-not-accept-brexit-border-in-irish-sea-1.3311275

Tusk, Donald – ‘Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’ (01.12.2017) link: http://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2017/12/01/remarks-by-president-donald-tusk-after-his-meeting-with-taoiseach-leo-varadkar/#

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