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Brexit: DUP’s Foster deluded ideas of NI’s Post-Brexit Border!

There are sometimes, you wonder if someone actually thinks through the words coming out their moths. Especially leaders and provider of needed support of the Conservative Party (Tories). The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), are proving their loyalty to London and United Kingdom (UK). That is not surprising that she did so and that her party does so. But her quotes and ideas is deluded and a dream, which will be impossible. It’s like if Arlene Foster thinks she has the upper-hand and can take the European Union by the balls in the negotiations, because no-one cannot survive without Belfast or any of the mineral wealth, which exists in the Northern Ireland. Just read her statement!

Arlene Foster on NI Border Plans of Post-Brexit:

Earlier this week, it had been suggested that Northern Ireland might remain in the customs union after Brexit, to prevent a hard border between itself and the Irish Republic. But, speaking to the DUP annual conference in Belfast, Ms Foster made clear that Northern Ireland would leave the customs union” (…) “She said: “We will not support any arrangements that create barriers to trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom or any suggestion that Northern Ireland, unlike the rest of the UK, will have to mirror European regulations” (…) “The economic reality for our economy is that our most important trading relationship is with the rest of the United Kingdom and we will do nothing that puts that at risk in any way” (…) “We welcome the assurances from the Prime Minister and the UK Brexit team that no such internal barriers will be countenanced and that as we joined the then European Community as one nation we will leave as one United Kingdom.” (Peck, 2017).

I don’t know if she was dreaming, but it doesn’t make sense. That Northern Ireland will not have internal borders, meaning they will not have border with Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is part of the European Union and their Costumes regulations. So there will be hard border, as the EU and UK are becoming separate. This will mean, that on the borders between Ireland and Northern Ireland. There will be some sort of checks and tolls. The tariffs and also other registrations of movement, which is natural between to sovereign states.

What is weird is that she expects the borders to be soft enough as they are now, but still leave the Union together with the UK. Its like she thinks she has the good hand in this, since is in cahoots with London against Dublin. Like Dublin and the Irish Government have no power within the European Union. Secondly, if your leaving the Union, you are not making it easy to have soft and open boarders. There will specifications and implications.

Therefore, the whole idea of this DUP leader and important part of the Tories-DUP are showing their estranged dreams. It does not make sense. Its a mockery and not cool. We can wonder, if this is the reason for the chaos within the Tories Government, since the DUP and their demands don’t even make sense, not even common sense.

They want to stop eating cake, but still wants a slice. You can’t both have cake and not have cake at the same time. You either eat cake or your not. It is that simple, but I think it’s not so for the DUP, apparently. Peace.


Peck, Tom – ‘Arlene Foster writes to 27 EU leaders to categorically reject Northern Ireland staying in Customs Union’ (25.11.2017) link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/arlene-foster-brexit-customs-union-northern-ireland-dup-conference-a8075576.html

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