Brexit: Lord Callanan spilled the beans, the Tories will keep the public in the dark!

Today, Lord Callanan or Martin John Callanan, who is the Minister of State within the Department for Exiting the European Union (DexEU) has finally answered an important question within the House of Lords. It is essential that the United Kingdom are transparent and open about the Brexit Process, so that the citizens knows what they can get in the future and what will be bargain with European Union. As the negotiations are happening during the next two years. It is official now that the Conservative Party (Tories) and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) are planning to keep the people and the representatives in the dark. That is their mission to not tell about possible consequences or affects of possible agreements with the European Union. That is initially what Lord Callanan did today. Its weird that it happens in a democracy and with a country that has such a history. But clearly, the Tories prefer dictatorship and work with impunity, instead of being transparent and having an open government to their citizens. That is proven with this sorts of acts and reasoning.

Question asked by Lord Stoddart of Swindon on the 13th November 2017:

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they have any plans to publish a document setting out the political and economic benefits to the UK of leaving the EU” (Lord Stoddart, 13.11.2017).

Answer by Lord Callanan on the 23rd November 2017:

The people voted to leave the EU in a referendum which Parliament voted to hold. A clear majority of the electorate voted to leave the EU and we will respect the will of the British people. Since then the Government has been undertaking rigorous and extensive analysis work to support our exit negotiations, to define our future partnership with the EU, and to inform our understanding of how EU exit will affect the UK’s domestic policies and frameworks. This includes a full suite of economic analysis, as you would expect from a responsible Government. This means looking at 58 sectors as well as cross-cutting regulatory, economic and social issues to help inform our negotiation positions. We have been clear that we recognise Parliament’s rights relating to the publication of documents. However, ministers face conflicting responsibilities – such as a clear obligation not to disclose information when doing so would not be in the public interest. And Parliament has previously voted not to release information that would be prejudicial to our negotiating position” (Lord Callanan, 23.11.2017).

We now know that the Brexit Assessment Reports will not surface, unless they are leaked by disgruntled employees within the Department. Most likely not as the Minister David Davis and Lord Callanan are keeping the issues to their chest. Not dropping any possible damaging reports or even positive changes from leaving the Union. The Tories are happy and content with leaving people in darkness. Leaving the union without transparency and telling the truth. We know that they are trying to discourage and even showing display of disregard of public scrutiny, as they cannot stomach to explain their assessments with the public. We can wonder what is their strategy, if that even exists.

The British people should be worried about this sort of actions. That the Tories doesn’t care that the public don’t know or have no idea of the impact of Brexit. Because the government wont let them see it or read about it. It will be dossiers and rumors, but no real assessment of the possible changes for all industries and society in general. If it is about toxic waste or financial transactions. We don’t know how that will be impacted by the Brexit. That is the result. The Government are not shedding light and hoping people enjoy being in darkness, with no enlightenment and no true numbers of possible impact. That is what is worrying. It is also a sad day for the British Democracy and British people, who voted for it, but will not know until it happens. What it will mean for them and their borders. Not that the Leavers Campaign told them anything of profound message on how it would be.

We know now for sure, the Tories-DUP government are not transparent, not honest and not as expected. It is a disgrace and this proves that the troubles ahead are bigger, than the Tories would like. Also that the affect of the Brexit might be more damaging, than what they want the public to know. Since they are hiding the facts and the assessments. They cannot let the public see it or their representatives, because the public might be shocked and awed by the results of it all. That is why they are silent and not telling it as it is. Peace.

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