The Police continue with their arbitrary arrests of FDC leaders!

Nathan Nandala Mafabi: There is patronage. Yesterday they arrested Besigye in Mbarara and teargassed people. The expenditure alone to teargas people is a lot” (NBS Television, NBS MorningBreeze, 14.11.2017)

Since the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) are holding inner-Party Rallies around the Republic. The opposition party and the hardliners within the party, the ones who are not so compliance and more defiance against the state orders has continued to not follow Police Order and Protocol to do it in smaller venues and not in stadiums. Even so, the FDC and the FDC Presidential Consultation Rallies has tried to be hold at bigger venues this November.

A few days ago it created chaos within Lira Town. Where the Police arrested several of FDC Leaders and also Besigye escaped from Prison. Yesterday there was scheduled rally in Mbarara at a stadium there. Clearly that is illegal so the FDC leaders was detained in Mbarara. With tear-gas and scattering the crowds making ready for rally. Ingrid Turinawe was taken from Mbarara to Rubanda District for a ‘Gender Sensitive’ detention centre. Dr. Kizza Besigye was also moved from Mbarara and detained at Kabale, also arrested Fred Kato the driver and Ronald Muhinda. So the Police Force was busy with their partisan work.


This is just a continuation of what the Police Force has done for months and years. Been involved and blocking Besigye and other opposition parties from gathering. While the NRM are holding consultation meetings, bribing constituents and delegates for the support of the lifting of the age lifting. Since there is nothing else to waist money in Uganda, like on salaries for doctors or nurses. That is a total waste, so the UPDF and Police are instead sending their medical personnel to Mulago to help out during the strike.

Still, with this in mind, the Police has enough support and funds to continue to follow, monitor and detain the opposition leaders. Not “just” Besigye. But everyone else, who is against the NRM and the Museveni line. They can be detained whenever and for whatever reason the police see fits. Some other FDC leaders was arrested not for the Party rally in Mbarara, but for visiting Besigye. These we’re Patrick Amuriat Oboi and Mubarak Munyagwa. Moses Byamugisha came also for a visit there to see the situation, but he was not arrested.

This here will not end. There will be more, as long as the NRM regime exists and are allowed to assault on political freedom and liberty. Besigye has been a bit to many detained by the authorities, he must have world-record and be written into the Guinness Book of Records. No-one can be detained on so many arbitrary charges as he has been over the years. It is just insane how many times the Police Force has detained him and his loyal allies. His aides are even lingering in jail in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) like Sam Mugumya.

That the police are blocking stadiums, throwing tear-gas and aiming at the leaders with live-bullets should worry anyone, as the reckless attitude and deep rooted violence is eminent and this is systemic, at every part of the republic. All walks of life who appear near one of these venues can get hospitalized and even lose their lives. That for the cost of showing up to a political rally. Something that has happen several places over recent years. This shows how little mercy and little democratic space there are in the republic.

Enough of this sad meager display of democracy. It is a disgrace, that Besigye and FDC leaders behind bars, yet again. Peace.

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