Opinion: Unbelievable Mediocre Response from Kenyatta to the 26th October Elections Petitions!

President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Incumbent president and the head honcho of the Jubilee Party. He is supposed to be in control and understand the laws, the issues in Kenyan society and the reasons for the stalemate between him and Raila Odinga. Clearly, he has lost touch and his allies isn’t giving him proper advice. He had a botched birthday on the 26th October this year, as the turnout was low, the trust in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) was all-time low, as the IEBC Internal Memo’s flooded the public with key information. As the Jubilee Party and their Cabinet Secretaries didn’t make the situation better. All of this has create a vacuum and problems that are steaming from several parts of Kenya.

Therefore without further ado, lets eat the key statements from the Kenyatta response:

That Mr. Kenyatta was legitimately elected by 7.6 million Kenyans who were given fair opportunity to enjoy their sacrosanct voting right” (…) “That the petitions are only challenging the processes but not the numbers for he was the absolute winner in the repeat poll” (…) “That even if the process were to affect the numbers, it would not be substantive enough to close the margin of victory to warrant an annulment” (…) “That the contradictions in the communication of voter turnout number was a mere mathematical confusion experienced by such electoral bodies” (…) “That in the interest of the public, the petition should be dismissed in order for the perpetual politicking to end and for normalcy to return” (Kenya Today, 2017).

When this sort of response comes from a seasoned politician as Uhuru Kenyatta, I start to wonder if he is a milkman only or if he is presidential. Since, these sort of arguments are whack. That you start with an arbitrary number, that is hard to be proven even by the IEBC, the Electoral body and later says you we’re the absolute winner in an election where the main opponent didn’t show up and boycotted. Is just mere speculation of a victory, in that election there wasn’t any winner. There was only losers. Nobody won on the 26th October Fresh Presidential Elections. There was only losers, as the Kenyan people lost the used state funds to hold the exercise and to keep the charade going. Therefore, the “victory” is a bad blood and PR Stunt in Cambridge Analytica way, which is just amazing that Jubilee are working so hard to sell it.

That the President, the Incumbent President says there wasn’t any grounds in the process. Is just a mere lie, as he knows about the flaws and the factual misgivings within the IEBC. The IEBC didn’t push the laws and codes of the electoral law, instead they we’re renegade cowboys who wanted to support their milkman. Pardon me, Kenyatta. That again, the man praising his victories number of 7 whatnot millions voters, while not questioning the turnout in a boycotted affair. Is just blazing guns without trying to hit a target, you either hit or miss. In this aspect is a miserable miss, who fails even to find what you shot or even if did even shoot.

Kenyatta continues that the petitions just should be dismissed on the grounds “perpetual politicking to end and for normalcy to return”. That is again just himself politicking himself the petition, as he wants the Supreme Court to just let the nation go back to normalcy, because that benefits his ruling regime. Not that it matters if the IEBC followed the Constitution or the Codes in the Electoral Law. That is just mere problems and can only matter as provisional codes, not codes that should stop his successful botched birthday.

We can wonder if Kenyatta really believes this, if he has faith in his own response, if he thinks it will be considered. Even taken into account. As the Supreme Court has already nullified it ones, they have as much grounds to repeat that again. Since, the Jubilee and neither IEBC has been truthful, neither honest about their approach to yet another “victory”. The gig should be up and Kenyatta knows this.

He knows if it is nullified again, he is humiliated and has lost in the courts twice. Again he has to run for the third presidential election, as the IEBC are already misused and also political partisan as their numbers are cooked the way Kenyatta needs.

So will Kenyatta accept another humiliation and be laughed at as the press-pool gathers to read the verdict of the Supreme Court! Will he accept it and not use the army to actually steal the nation by the guns, since he cannot win the grace of the people and their hearts. This can be said, since the National Super Alliance boycott of the 26th October Elections has undressed the master and his personal gains of the office. Not of his wish to serve the republic or be there for the people. That is why they left him and his institutions, that is why they are now boycotting his milk and his cartels.

Kenyatta and the IEBC are playing a losing hand. We just have to see in the coming days, how they will take it! Peace.


Kenya Today – ‘Here is Uhuru’s Weak Response To Petitions Challenging His Win, A Clear Indication He’ll Lose’ (13.11.2017) link: https://www.kenya-today.com/politics/uhurus-weak-response-petitions-challenging-win-clear-indication-hell-lose

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