Age Limit: Do not celebrate MPs donating Consultation monies to any public institution, ask for good governance instead!

Hon. Francis Mwijukye said: “Today I visited Karungu government secondary in Karungu subcounty- Buhweju district where I found students studying under very disturbing circumstances” (Mwijukye, 25.06.2016)

Let’s be clear and settle this straight, in the nations and a republic that cannot pay their civil servants, neither on time or within need of the inflation. Where strikes are shut down and oppressed. Where the civil servants are living in shacks, while the Members of Parliaments (MPs) are flashy individuals who has cars, houses, salaries and all the other benefits.

Therefore, I am not applauding that they are using the 29 million shillings on hospital bed and other needed upgrades of government facilities. This should be in the budgets and be in the trillions of shillings spent every year upon end to secure the schools, hospitals and institutions as a whole. Just the same with the procured donations from the MPs. The MPs should instead try to fix the governance and service delivery of the state, so that the MPs don’t have to buy goodwill, but instead be good representatives of their sub-counties and districts. This seems like far-fetched dreams at this point.

The National Resistance Movement who are giving pillau and foods to people to vote for the removing the Age Limit of the Constitution. They are trying with cheap tricks and spending, while using funds that the budget clearly not have, since they are struggling to even pay proper salaries to the doctors. Doctors who are vital parts of medical services. Still, they have to forced to work on salaries they are struggling to live, we can just imagine how much the clerks and nurses are getting.

We already knows that the Police Officers and Teachers are living on horrible salaries and are tricking for money. They are having gardens and all sort of play besides their work, someone can wait for salaries depending on which part of the country for months upon end. That is if the state actually pays out or having back-lash trouble on the payments, as the civil servants in the central district are stifling the money away from them on ghost teachers. This isn’t news, but a sad reality. Because the salaries of the central administration of a district isn’t good either. The Resident District Commander and Chief Account Officer might be well off, considering. But the rest might be living hand to mouth.

All of this is why it’s nice that the MPs are giving their extra funding to hospitals and schools. But they rather change governance, make sure the state protocol provides this as that is their duties as the people’s representatives. The Age Limit Consultation money should have went there, but has been spoiled instead. That is why it was so easy to give the monies to the MPs and they could use it as they please, on their cars, side-dishes or be nice to their communities. What would be grander and better, that would actually make sure the Ministry of Health actually delivered good working hospitals in their districts and schools that the public needs.

Enough of the buffoonery… Please… Peace!

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