Opinion: [Mission Impossible] Museveni says he needs more time accomplish his mission, what? 31 years is not enough! Part II

I am a freedom fighter who has fought many wars; I cannot leave things like that. I have to plan” (…) “It is not about the age, it is the service you render to people” (…) “I said it was not the right time, but when Magyezi brought it up again, Nankabirwa (chief whip) sold it to the Cabinet and they bought it. That is how I also came to support it” (Kashaka & Sekanjako, 2017).

The President for Life is saying he has a plan, that is why the Constitution has to be altered to his age. It is never the right time or never had enough time, you need another term, you need another election and you need another Parliament to pass your bills. This sort of excuse has lost value. Mr. President you have had three decades to finish your supposed project.

Why I called a supposed project or plans, is that the Republic has dozens of them. They have the Uganda National Development Plan II (UNDP II) and others, while the former 10 Point Program has been stopped being important long time ago. Also, his real relevancy when coming to building institutions and government structures, that because his party and his regime is all about him.

President Museveni wont deliver a legacy of good governance or liberation, but of dictatorship and looting. He became the same as the ones he overthrew and sadly, he knew what they did to the people and he has no issues doing the same. Because he is in power and has no issues pushing similar agenda. He is always blaming others, while he is the one in charge. The opposition or MPs are not doing enough, but they are just following his protocol and his orders. Therefore, it is ironic that after ruling for 31 years.

That the President who has a militarized politics needs more time, three decades and still counting. The guy who took charge and the reign with a gun. Is most likely either leaving when his heart stops to pump or someone assassinated him. Since, he will not leave in peace. He will take it and rig the Parliament in his way. The abolishing of the Age Limit is the next step in his Life Presidency.

Nothing else, nothing else is on the agenda. The plan of Museveni is to rule for life. Museveni has no initial plan to finish, except for new techniques of looting the state reserves and how to misuse donor funds. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni doesn’t need more time, he has already spent enough time. Museveni has had a lifetime to make a difference. Still, he says he has plan.

A “Plan”… Museveni has a plan. That he hasn’t achieved it already. It is obvious that it wasn’t the right time, it never where. Like it was either Milton Obote, Yusuf Lule, Idi Amin or Ronald Reagan’s fault. It was never you!

That is why you have plan to end it all and end yourself on the throne. To never let anyone else rule and take the reign. That shows the narrow-minded and deluded self-belief you have, but you have just paid cronies around and with time you have though your the biggest genius on planet. While you are not.

You have no more service to deliver, you have to step up your game. Peace.


Kashaka, Umaru & Sekanjako, Henry – ‘I need time to plan for my exit – Museveni’ (30.10.2017) link: https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1464695/support-age-limit-museveni

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