Age Limit: The NRM are all behind their Master!

The senior leaders of the National Resistance Movement belonging to the National Executive Council (NEC), meeting at State House- Entebbe on October 27th exhaustively discussed matters pertinent and critical to the movement of this country. After receiving and deeply appreciating the key note address delivered by the Party’s National Chairperson, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and being mindful of the country’s political history, they resolved as follows; 1. To enthusiastically join the majority of their colleague Members of NEC who are NRM Members of Parliament in unanimously and overwhelmingly supporting the Bill for an Act entitled the Constitution (Amendment No. 2), Act 2017, moved by Hon. Raphael Magyezi” (NRM NEC – Rogers Mulindwa – ‘NRM, NEC SUPPORTS AGE LIMIT BILL’ 27.10.2017).

The puppets or muppet’s of National Resistance Movement are ready and prepared to support the removal of Age Limit, the Article 102(b), who has been a presiding question of late. That the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) supported it was expected. During this week the NRM National Executive Committee (NEC) has also thrown their support behind it. Soon the NRM Youth League (NRMYL) and NRM Poor Youth Forum (NRM-PYF) will also follow suit.

If you are surprised by it, you shouldn’t the whole party is Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and is a reflection of him. They are paid docile creatures who bow down to get mercy and a paycheck. Very, very few members has the back-bone or the courage to stand up against the President. The few who do are suspended or even thrown-out, if not sanctioned for insubordination of party principles. Meaning they offended the “don”.

If you expected anything else of this so-called free and fair party structure, than you have forgotten the sole-candidacy and the deserters, all the ones who fled or had any ambition of succeeding Museveni has all left. If not been paid-off and put in gently into a position where they need to show loyalty to him. Just ask Gilbert Bukenya, he was so humiliated and been degraded into junk status. Also, the wishful thinking of Amama Mbabazi. There are reasons for why Dr. Kizza Besigye left the fold too, but he started his own and made Reform Agenda into the Forum for Democratic Change.

So the NRM are all loyal to Museveni, if he execute a death wish, they will clap, if he sings another rap, they will clap and if he taps all the government resources; they will continue to clap! They will cheer and be festive, they will wait for a paycheck and show they are obedient members of the party. That they will respect him and his wishes beyond means necessary, that is why they show up at the State House and gives him a thumbs up.

All of them hope for a Presidential Handshake, they hope for a deep pocket and well-wishes. SACCO’s in their names and accounts with flush-funds for side-dishes and new Prado’s. They cannot help themselves, they just want free stuff for very little work. Just pay us for our vote and we can go home. We smile and follow the choreographed moments of jubilation and try to come to your office. To make sure the Don remembers you and can also remember to reimburse the commitment to his project. His Presidency for life.

That is why they were all there, not for joy and celebration. They are there for one reason, show loyalty and follow party-line, which means follow whatever that the President wants and wishes. That is why they had to support the lifting of Article 102(b). If not they would be punished and left out in the cold to rot. They would be left for the dogs and eaten by the hyenas as the simply prey they are. They are just useful props and loyal tokens for the old man with the hat. The NRM members and leaders should know this… but don’t expect it. Peace.

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