Rukungiri 5 hour Stand-Off has ended in re-arrest of Besigye, Turinawe, Amuriat Oboi and rest of FDC Leaders there!

Today, this morning the ones that has been detained since Thursday and other local Rukungiri, therefore the suspected charges of murder on Dr. Kizza Besigye and anticipating the what the others would get. This was also Ingrid Turinawe, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, Innocent Tashobya, Joseph Akankwasa, Moses Byamukama and Fred Asiimwe. All of these came to the Rukungiri Magistrate Court. They we’re charged with offenses like Incitement of violence, malicious damage of property and disobedience of statutory duty. So they had changed their mind and the reason for arresting Besigye and his fellow opposition leaders from 19th October on the way to Kabale from Rukungiri.

So all of them was charged with this count because of the FDC Presidential Rally in Rukungiri on the 18th October 2017. After they we’re released on non-cash bond. Still, that is not the end of the story that has continued since Thursday. The Police was on the outside of the Rukungiri Magistrate Court. There was a stand-off between the FDC leaders and the Police Officers standing ready to take them. After many hours since the charging and leaving them on the Court-side.

Moses Byamugisha has reported this through the day:

Youths activists begin to gather ad they sing war songs, they are running out of patience. They insist police won’t take Besigye and team. Each team is doing a reconnaissance, assessing what should happen when it gets dark. The public begins to charge as it clocks 5:00pm demanding that Dr Besigye and colleagues be left to move freely. Our leaders are in the vehicle parked inside the courts compound.A proclamation of dispersal has been made by police outside the Rukungiri court premises. Let’s see what happens next. Dr Besigye has been driven off in a police van. Madam Ingrid’s vehicle is being towed by a police truck after it was abandoned in the court compound. After arrests, Dr Besigye was put in a separate van, he moved alone. Ingrid and Muhinda in another van; Brian Unstoppable and POA in another. Comrade Brian Atuheire(unstoppable) was brutally arrested and tortured by the Kifesi police in the notorious van. Dr Besigye’s aide Comrade Ronald Muhinda and Brian(unstoppable) arrested and badly beaten. The People’s president phone has been confiscated. He will need medical attention as soon he regains his freedom. We are yet to determine the destination. A five police pick up track convoy has just passed Kebisoni trading centre Rukungiri heading in the direction of Kampala. The convoy passed Ntungamo a while ago, they are heading back to Kampala. Convoy taking the People’s president is now on high street Mbarara, moving very fast” (Moses Byamugyisha, 25.10.2017).

This story is not over, but this shows the impunity. The freed men and woman, was free for hours in the courtyard, but after the stand-off taking 5 hours in Rukungiri. We are now seeing that the charges and the others are used to keep the occupied and detained. We will not know where they are ending, since the state at least understood that they couldn’t charge Besigye with murder charges. Still, their acts of impunity and acts of draconian laws, courts and ruled to oppress. Nothing about justice and rule of law is compelling in cases like this. They have already been detained without charges for 48 hours and now taken to unknown location.

This has to followed and not accepted, this proves the troubles of opposition and of limited freedom. That is the situation in the Republic. Limited freedom, everyone isn’t free and everyone hasn’t the right to basic liberties. They can be taken and kidnapped, be detained without proper trials and forged charges. This is what the state does to this people. Peace.

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