26th October Elections: We can wonder if the ship carrying this elections, either will sail or sink all together!

Darkness is upon us, the shields of moons and planets is not upon us. The stars are not even blinking, the dim lights from the streets and mirroring of weak reflections from the waters are shining. But not the flashing lights of cameras or sun at noon. There is just uncertainty and within reason. The rallies, the speeches and the demonstrations has stopped. The Courts has decided or not decided. The orders has been put and the gazetted elections amendments has been put. Even if the state and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) haven’t followed the Constitution or the procedures.

That people have been shot and killed, demonstrations filled with tear-gas and live bullets. There been warnings and attacks. The Jubilee Party has used government resources to promote itself and even spent fortunes on foreign advisers through the Cambridge Analytica, who even has had the servers of IEBC, which the results has been transmitted too. As well as the IEBC has used several of questionable tenders and facilitation for the polls. That could have been more transparent and shown more accountability to the people. Instead, they have continued to work in the shadows and the Internal Memo’s all through September and October 2017 has proven this.

That National Super Alliance, together with their candidates pulled out, while the Parliament and the IEBC has gazetted changes and appointments in the last minute, even not followed the procedures and articles of the Constitution considering elections. The timelines of events that is supposed to transpire haven’t happen, neither has the IEBC complied with the direct changes in the ruling of the Supreme Court order of 1st September 2017. All of this makes the whole arrangement and polls tomorrow, very very questionable.

It doesn’t help that Uhuru Kenyatta states this to the nation: “As we all know, democracies are born in hardship. The right to self-governance must be fought for; and once won, a people must keep to their word. Fellow Kenyans, few responsibilities are heavier, and for that matter more rewarding. The mere fact that our Kenyan Judiciary can invalidate an election shows that we are a stronger democracy than many would ever have realized. The Judiciary is, in fact, independent, and it made its own decision. That is the act of a mature, grounded, modern democracy; many nations, with many more years of experience as democratic states, have yet to match it. And I believe for this, fellow Kenyans, we have every reason to be proud of our nation, to be proud of our progress, to be proud of our maturity. I believe that this was Kenya’s greatest democratic test, but the decision of our Judiciary suffices to show the world that Kenya is sincere in its commitment to being a modern democratic state(Uhuru Kenyatta – ‘ADDRESS TO THE NATION BY HIS EXCELLENCY HON. UHURU KENYATTA, C.G.H., PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KENYA AND COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE DEFENCE FORCES, STATE HOUSE, NAIROBI, 25TH OCTOBER, 2017’).

I don’t know if it is mature democratic state when Deputy Court Justice of Supreme Court is on the day before the Polls are house-arrested and two others are intimidated to be home. So that the Supreme Court couldn’t make an order or verdict in a case about the 26th October elections. It is like he forgets what the state does and what the police is ordered to do. So let’s me put the appeal of Court Justice Odunga of earlier today, that got a late night order suspending it. This is so the order of making Returning Officers and Presiding Officers illegal because of not gazetting and giving parties and independent candidates time to look into the appointments. But the newest late night order suspended and made it legal.

While Raila Odinga has said this, which is a total different stage than Kenyatta at the Uhuru Park:

As Opposition, we have tried to cure the problem of a compliant electoral body by coming up with what we called the irreducible minimums to help reform the IEBC and create a level playing field.

In response, the IEBC first stonewalled, focusing on inconsequential measures while contending that there was insufficient time to do anything significant” (…) “We are at war with two autocrats; Uhuru and Ruto; vicious, reckless, bitter, corrupt and hungry for power. We have seen them unleash unprecedented and unreasonable terror on citizens across the country and especially in Nairobi and Western Kenya in the lead up to, during and after August elections. We have seen them rope in militia, dress them in police attire, arm them and unleash them on protesters with deadly consequences.

As we speak, truckloads of paramilitary and police officers have been deployed to commit massacre especially in Western Kenya and Nairobi with the sole purpose of protecting an illegitimate hold-on to power by Uhuru and Ruto. We have seen none other than the Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiangi sanction the deployment of militias in Kisii and other parts of Nyanza to complement what Mungiki will be doing in Nairobi. The murders that have occurred during recent protests, together with those committed immediately after August elections, were clearly premeditated and carefully planned to annihilate the people and make them accept a stolen election as a fait accompli. Uhuru and Ruto are looking for a cowed and subdued citizenry in order to roll out a dictatorship” (Raila Odinga – ‘A NEW STRUGGLE BEGINS TOMORROW’ 25.10.2017).

We can just wonder why there was no reactions to the Reforms that was wished by NASA, but not for NASA’s sake. However, it was for the benefit of the IEBC. So the IEBC could have made progress and reformed itself. Even tried to listen to mandate NASA said it needed, since the previous election was cater made for the Jubilee. The Jubilee didn’t want to change IEBC, because they are loyal to the ones who appointed them. Therefore, these elections are not credible now, not only because of the NASA demands for change, but because the IEBC hasn’t change at all.

The Jubilee has just not tried and also just attacked the judiciary since 1st September. They have used the High Court for their advantage today and in the last minute. To validate and stop the order of illegal ROs and POs. Still, the Jubilee has used their government resources to bend and also their control of the media. It has only been bloggers and social media has uncovered the illness inside the IEBC. Therefore, the lacking trust comes from the outside of the main-stream media.

The Jubilee planned to usher in the army for the 8th August 2017 elections with secret plans. There been pictures of the army being stationed all over Kenya today. As a preparation of the Fresh Presidential Election, expect nothing beautiful about tomorrow. There will be reactions and the sense of the manner.

We cannot anticipate tomorrow and the events that follows. That there been reports of Ezra Chiloba sitting in a cafe today filling in forms for the IEBC. While Chairman Wafula Chebukati defended the whole process and elections on National TV. Nothing in this process has been smooth or trustworthy. That Kenyatta wants this sort of polls and elections, where the Commonwealth has fled, the IGAD has come with warnings, where the EU scaled down and United States has come with travel warnings. While Robert Godec the American Ambassador the whole way has been a useful Jubilee puppet. He just want friendly tone so the Kenyan can have troops in South Sudan and Somalia. Nothing else.

This here is the evidence, the foreign stakeholders has just talked peace, but not tried to get IEBC clean or tried to use time to make sure there is dialogue between Jubilee and NASA. That hasn’t been seen as possible or even a solution. The talks between IEBC and stakeholders has been more public shows and little changes, if even any, actually none. The IEBC have only done it to make it seem like something was happening. The 26th October should been postponed, the whole election is ready made soup for the Jubilee. They are trying to cease control and using ballot to legitimize their takeover. This isn’t democracy, this is autocracy and dictatorship. Where the Jubilee gives order and the people has to comply. The Kenyatta and Ruto acts is not out of love and care for the people, but for their hunger for power. Their intimidation of judges and others are proven of their guilt. They have to use other as punching bags, because they don’t credit for their own demise in August. If they had built IEBC to credible electoral body this wouldn’t be case, alas it is. This is worrying and tomorrow will not be day of celebrating the democratic foundation and liberty, the ones where you pick your candidate and you have faith in the system. That ship has sunk of the coast of Mombasa… seems like it was lost before the August elections at this point.

The ones steering the ship out of port, don’t know it has giant holes and will sink, but they are steaming ahead without thinking about all the passengers and the goods. It will drown to the bottom of the sea, unless they listen to wise men on board telling about leaking. Don’t expect it, it is to dark below ship for the captain and the admiral to even see or believe. They will just continue to steam ahead. Even if people are sending warnings to them. The leaders don’t believe them. That is why people should be worried.

Kenyatta and Ruto should worry, not think they are winning. They are running a sinking ship, without thinking about the consequences. People might be worried about the Resistance Movement created out of NASA. They have already kept pushing demonstrations for weeks. This will persist and this will create more uncertain. If there will be low turnout tomorrow, it is because the real support of Jubilee is really low. If not the public is afraid and also worried about the consequences of the ship, if it is sailing or sinking when leaving port. Peace.

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