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Age Limit: The Police continues to arrest and oppress Red-Ribbon Consultations across the Republic!

These Age Limit Consultation from the ones who oppose usually leads to their leaders being arrested. The demand for free speech and rallies is insane, but for some strange reasons the Police are not touching Gen. Mughisa Muntu, but the others should be in fear. The ones that easy to mention that has been or still detained somewhere in the Republic on various charges is Patrick Amuriat Oboi, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, Ibrahim Kasozi, Ingrid Turinawe, Ibrahim Ngenda-Ssemujju, Erias Lukwago, Robert Kyagulyani and Muwanga Kivumbi. It is a heavy list and heavy-weight, this isn’t all of them who has been behind bars or are still in jail for fighting the lifting of the Age Limit.

The National Resistance Movement and their President are using their force to silence the opposition. All the clear indications of merciless attack on freedom of assembly, free speech and even movement. Are now in the open. The Police are so involved in the matter, that the partisan free police is a relic of the past. They are for some reason giving space to Muntu, but he is a rare flower in the political spectrum in Uganda. Museveni can do as he pleases, the same with the ones that favors the Constitutional Amendment, they can do whatever to push the agenda. The agenda that fits Museveni.

While the ones opposing it will be in trouble, will get detained and get silenced. To say anything else, when you see the record of the police and the havoc they create. They are blocking roads to stadiums, coming with guns and tear-gas. They are coming to stifle the people and intimidate them from assembling. So when Mwenda says this just happens to Besigye, but not Muntu. That is because the NRM needs a precious flower to show the world, while the others are lingering and being under fire.

The IGP Kale Kayihura loyalty to Museveni is so overbearing, that the laws and jurisdiction, the clear impunity and manhandling politics is insane. They are not fighting crimes, but silencing the opposition. This has been going on for decades, but with more striking force. The NRM only has this, because popularity they don’t have. That is well-known, that is why the Besigye and Bobi Wine are getting positive feedback, while its cronies and paid-praise that is spread by the NRM.

Because the Police are banning joint MPs rallies and over County levels that is not the ones they are elected to represent. They are banning so much, even claiming music shouldn’t be into partisan politics. But they can make songs that fits the state needs. It is so ironic and so foolish. The state can do the same, but the opposition cannot.

The Red Ribbons has been outlawed and can be taken away, while the NRM are now wearing Yellow Ribbons, which is okay. It shows their lack of tolerance and respect of the civil disobedience. The ones sticking to the program is allowed, while the rest is silenced. That is the way it is. Not that it is justified, but just how the NRM operates. Be clear, until the dust is settled, until the dusk is coming. There will be dozens more arrested and the opposition will be heavy monitored. The Police will use all means to stop the assembly of the opposition leaders. They have done so and will continue to do so.

So don’t be surprised by the Police vindictiveness towards the opposition and activists, they cannot do anything else. They are ordered to do so. The NRM cannot handle real questions to their authority and their President for Life! Peace.


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