Opinion: Ekuru Aukot has turned Tuko Pamoja!

Well, so the day has come the Thirdway Alliance has sold its soul to be on the ballot. The ones so ethical and wishing for political reform. Have now after National Super Alliance (NASA) pullout of the race become to campaign and even gotten M-PESA Paybill as well. That Ekuru Aukot has changed his stance, proves that he is just into politics for personal gains. He is not a politician for his constituency or any ideology, because all of that was traded away within days of the pull-out of Raila Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. Even days after Kenya Gazette 13th October 2017 and IEBC Internal Memo who proclaim the RTS system of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. All of this is all fitting the Jubilee Party and keeping everything like it was in August 2017. Therefore, that Aukot campaigns and spreads the message like he proves that he turned Tuko Pamoja!

Aukot is now together with the Jubilee, with incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy William Ruto. He is now ganging up with them to try to legitimize the whole Fresh Presidential Election of 26th October. Even if he just merely campaign for 14 days and Kenyatta has been running around like godfather since 1st September 2017. So, the unfair campaigning time should be worrying alone, also that the Gazetted changes just comes within 13 days before the polls. So the whole elections should be questioned by that alone. Also all the revealing information in the Internal Memos proves how the IEBC hope to get things done in similar fashion of August. Therefore, the results will all be cooked in favor of Kenyatta anyway.

Still, Aukot are running around trying to campaign like this is for real. Like this election really matters. Like he is David against Goliath. Well, you cannot even carry a rock or even find a sling to hit Kenyatta at this Aukot. Your a pawn and part of you knows this. Thirdway had as much relevance as it did in the August election, because it was a two-way race, and the Thirdway was nearly no-way for most. So it needs a miracle of epic proportions so that Mount Kenya get melted into beach-sand within days. If that don’t happen, then there will still be victor Kenyatta at the 26th October. That is because the whole system and the whole elections are built around that fact. In addition, that is the whole reason for why Odinga pulled-out and wants to demonstrate for more reforms.

So, Aukot has now the capacity of a giant and running around like king. Even when he knows, that he had less supporters in August, than Uchumi has products in their shops. That is insane, he is nowhere near popular or having the savvy ways of promising hope for Kenyans. Instead, he is just spreading the message of Jubilee: “We are together” or Tuko Pamoja. He is just together with Jubille, making sure Kenyatta get legitimacy of his second term and elections. Instead of standing on the barricades for reforms of the Electoral Body and positive changes within IEBC.

Aukot, had no traction in August and will have as much now in October. He is a useful piece of fool for the Jubilee. Someone that they can trade-off and pay a little, so he can be there when the Jubilee needed. And when the elections are over, he will go back into oblivion. Peace.

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