Opinion: Odinga’s withdrawal is a brave step hopefully towards a new beginning!

Raila Odinga and Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka decision to pull out of the Fresh Elections of 26th October 2017. Proves character, proves swagger and belief that the vision of a conducted free and fair elections under the current leadership of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. Who is preparing just about a similar election as the one made on the 8th August 2017. There is lacking or no proof of any significant change after the annulment of the previous enterprise. Just a few mere small changes, that could be seen as insignificant by anyone.

Then also has the Jubilee Administration together with the IEBC undermined the efforts of changing the organization and the electoral body. It is insane to use the same companies to service the same sort of arrangement and believe that results be different. The lack of transparency and accountability for the missteps of August is proven. Instead they been steady pumping without any disregard of the consequences. They have not been listening or even showing any progress. The talks been facade and play for the gallery, as they want to stall for time. So that the National Super Alliance (NASA) would be again put in a corner and again has to petition the elections to the Supreme Court.

Uhuru Kenyatta might celebrate today, even Deputy President William Ruto, but if they do, they are foolish and ignorant to the fact. The mere election of 26th October is another front and not a real election. Since the competition is not there, there we’re two candidates on the ballot and now there are one. Certainly, this should be seen as a slap in the face of the incumbent President. The race towards 26th October has suddenly stopped.

We just have to wait and see if the NASA also writes to notify the IEBC. That is they obliged by law. But the Press Conference and officially withdrawing in public. Should really rattle the cage of the IEBC. Since their plan of same procedure should silence that. That the Jubilee throws shade and says it just continues is foolish. Because its not just to continue as usual.

That IEBC Secretariat has a hard battle to just continue and finish this one. That Chairman Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba have to decide what they do, since the IEBC has not clean hands. They have to wash them and also find another soap. The soap and the water they are using is far from clean. Therefore, IEBC has to change guards and reform to become trustworthy.

Following the withdrawal of the NASA presidential candidate, the Commission and the legal team are meeting and will communicate way forward” (IEBC, 10.10.2017). We can just wait and see if the IEBC finds their way, if they will just announce Kenyatta or they will re-issue and actually try reform the electoral body.

Now is the time, his bravery is shown and now is the time for IEBC to step up their game. The cards are in play, Kenyatta is not yet the winner and neither is the date of 26th October put in stone. Since the law and the Electoral Codes has to be followed, by those provisions that are there. Peace.

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