Opinion: The people has to get out of the Stockholm syndrome and become disobedient to the NRM!

That the Opposition MPs wearing red-suits or coming with public stances on the steps of the Parliament is fine. That is dandy, but not bloody brilliant. If the President have not been, threaten by it in the past. Why would he be now? Why would he entertain foreign envoys and leaders at his various State Houses, while the suspended MPs is trying to lick their wounds! Because he can and he will, he have no need to fear them and why should he?

It is fine to wear a red-ribbon stand in public, gather for a Press Conference, but if it is, only a tightknit of leaders who oppose and the public does not support it in action. The National Resistance Movement will brush it off and spin the wheels of fortunes again. There will be no aftermath, the only thing that will be, is the sealing of life presidency for Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. No heroics, no glory, just the sad realization that the tide has not turned, not yet.

This entitlement does not stop with a few shouts and few hollering, the need for the community and the people to stand. It is about the time; if not the whole population seems like it is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, which has three main characteristics: “The hostages have negative feelings about the police or other authorities. The hostages have positive feelings toward their captor(s).The captors develop positive feelings toward the hostages” (Medical Dictionary – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ link: http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Stockholm+syndrome).

The hostage being the Ugandan population, who has been captive since early 1986 and is stuck in the limbo of the captors, the NRM and their President. Clearly, the vision and prospects of getting into relationship was with the best of intentions, but with the serving of the times. The proof of the vile attempt of fraud and forged manifestoes should have shown the true colors of the Yellow brigade. However, none of that stopped the strange relationship between the public and the NRM. The hostages has been able to create an environment where the captors have sympathy and positive feelings, even when the hostages are stuck in this situation and cannot get anywhere else.

I know at one point he really got your trust, he created the Constitution, came with a nice-easy delivery sheet called the Ten Point Program, even at some point he even strived to deliver Universal Primary Education (UPE). However, the glories of the past cannot save today’s hardships. Not when schools have no equipment, even roofs that is tight, when roads either a pothole, sinking to ground when it rains. Not like service-delivery has been a key aspect of government the last decade. More paying for family members of the NRM and the President to foreign lands and trading of land for a quick buck. Why else is the National Theater all of sudden for sale?

So when the lifting of the age limit comes, do not be surprised of the different issues opening up. That the NRM will have consultation meetings and have NRM Caucuses where they discuss the tab and the possible arrangement of facilitation funds. Do not be surprised if the President can foot the whole bill, but could not deliver promised sanitary pads or garden hoes. Because when it comes to his well-being and security, there is abundantly with funds, like a mirage and a fountain of cash spent directly from the state reserves. It is as if he can just walk into the vault of Bank of Uganda and spill out the needed sums for the transactions. Do not be shocked and awe, it is the reality and the Stockholm syndrome as made the people entrenched and beneath their normal reactions to this sort of play. That is because they have caught positive feelings and accepted it is not such a bad captor after all. He gives us a shilling and a piece of food now and then, but do not over extend his courtesy call.

If the opposition and the civilians, the citizens who are hostages to the will of the President and they want real change. It has to happen with thought true and eruptions of demonstrations, which hits the markets, stops the cash flow and hurt the basic needs of government. It cannot be some cute arrangement and notification to the authorities, it cannot be some short-term. Once every blue moon and hope that the leadership gets the message. Trust me, it do not!

If the people want to get rid of Stockholm syndrome and stop the Age Limit bill. They have to act and together, it has to swift and be with force people’s power. Not some sugarcoated manufactured stonewalling, but really big demonstrations, that hurts the economy and hurt the state. At a mere size that the state has enough security forces and details, has not enough intelligence to scatter the demonstrations and see the true spirit from within. The state cannot make everyone criminal, the state cannot arrest every single demonstrator, but it can keep you hostage.

For the moment, that is what the state is doing and if you do not act, it will not bother to give you freedom, liberty or justice. Why bother? You do not care anyway. The NRM and Museveni can take that away and you do not care. You just sit here silently and let it happen. You pay it no mind and want it to be like that. Because that just the way it is.

I believe the time and that the spirit it there, the republic should not accept to taken for granted and used as pawn by the President. However, that is what is at stake and it will not become better anytime soon! Peace.

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