My letter to the IEBC (Chebukati and Chiloba): “Your playing a losing hand!”

Oslo, Norway, 3rd October 2017.

Dear Sirs, Chairman Wafula Chebukati and CEO Ezra Chiloba!

I know you two are happy with the situation, your repeating the election with nearly any amendments or changes, just some rare people has been sacked, but the system is more of the same. Your Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) hasn’t change significantly since the 1st September 2017.

I am disappointed, but Kenyans should be even more. Not only because of the letter that National Super Alliance (NASA) had to the IEBC on the 12th September with dozens of demands of change. None that has been covered. Even if you honorable Chebukati says on live broadcast during a presser: meetings with Nasa and Jubilee fruitful; all systems are in place for October 26 repeat election” (Nation Breaking News, 03.10.2017).

I hate to say it Mr. Chebukati but your words was countered by parts of the dialogue groups. The Jubilee said this afterwards: “We have no stipulation before the repeat poll and expect the electoral commission to conduct a free, fair and credible election that will reflect the will of the people.

Held consultation with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi County” (William Samoei Ruto, 03.10.2017). But that was expected Mr. Chebukati, you pronounced him and his boss victor in August and he wants the same deal and rigging again. He don’t want it changed, because then it doesn’t benefit him and his party.

But what is more worrying when Senator James Orengo says this at the Presser today: “It is like IEBC is only concerned with holding the elections within 60 days. We insist election must be held in accordance with Constitution. None of the issues we had raised in the irreducible minimums have been responded to. Nothing is agreed until it’s agreed, they have not answered our questions yet” (Sen. James Orengo, 03.10.2017).

So when the man who foresaw the issues within the previous elections, you two knuckleheads should listen. Since he was able as a lawyer to come with a decent argument and a case to nullify the Presidential Election on the 8th August 2017. Orengo argued and spelled out the law in the Constitution to the Supreme Court. He put the codes and electoral law and showed how the IEBC did malpractice acted fraudulent during the polls.

Mr. Chebukati and Mr. Chiloba, when you don’t listen to Orengo and his advice you are bound to lose. You have already done it once. It was the biggest mistake of your career. The Jubilee might have the use for you now, but if you try the same trick again. The leaks to NASA will occur and the world will know off your cheating. The agreements with the same companies like OT-MORPHO and Safaricom Limited. It is not like you are trying differently, the same kind of tender to print papers in foreign lands again. Therefore, you are playing the same game, but without changing the cards. You are trying to play a similar game, but having the same cards on hand. Most likely you will lose!

You could have switched-up and made a PR Campaign, you could show the world the IEBC Servers, as your IP addresses are on Cambridge Analytica Servers, the company order for Public Relations for the Jubilee Party. Since you haven’t revealed changes, we can suspect the same sort of game. Than the data and results are transmitted to safe place that the CA can do what they like and therefore alter the results if needed be.

In addition, the use of the same KIEMS system, that was breached thousands of times during the August Elections and not verified the results before being announced by the National Tally Centre at Bomas. Neither could they verify the numbers and announced results on the IEBC Portal. When we know this and you use again OT-MORPHO to deliver the services that was altered the last time. What reason do you give us to trust them and you now? You give us none.

Mr. Chebukati and Mr. Chiloba, you are playing in the same fashion as before, not even trying another change tactics or changing the cards. You have the same to play and done nothing to make sure the deck has changed. It’s like you are trying to bluff and fake your hand, but we know that the hands are the same. IEBC has not changed and has not been reformed. This is after the will of Jubilee, who just wants you play in their benefit. Not playing the cards after the law and the electoral codes they have in the constitution. If the IEBC did this, the NASA would be happy and accept it. The Jubilee doesn’t care how they win as long as they do. That is why they haven’t and wouldn’t change you. They haven’t even fired you. Because of your shoddy job, the Jubilee could have enough reason to sack you!

It’s time for me to end. I know you two will read this and if you do. You will wonder what is wrong with me, since I ask all of this off you and I will give nothing back. This letter isn’t for me or mines. This is for the Kenyans who you are supposed to serve and make credible elections for. Instead you have been busy building a rigging conglomerate. This you should just stop, the gig is already up and the evidence was shown in the Election Petition that won over you on the 1st September 2017.

It’s time for you to fold your cards, give-in and ask for changes. The cards you and the cards you playing isn’t sealing the deal. Its a losing hand, it is just a matter of time before you losing again. Will you two risk your career for just another putsch? Will you try to bluff the Kenyans another time? Peace.

Best Regards

The Writer of Minbane

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