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Opinion: Kadaga and Kayihura will be remembered for destroying the sanctity of the Parliament!

The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.”Leon Trotsky

A day after the chaos, the melee and the suspended Members of Parliament at the Plenary Session in Uganda. There are many questions and many been answered. As there is clear reports of orders from above high for the whole ordeal. Not that its surprising since the whole events was as he wished. That the President wanted and got in favor. Since the 25 suspended MPs didn’t walk-out or sing the National Anthem.

The Special Forces Command and Police Officers violently got them and dragged them out. Before sending them to Police Stations allover the greater Kampala area and also in Wakiso and Mukono Districts. Clearly, this was well-planned and that was evident as IGP Kale Kayihura was walking around smiling. The grim smile on his and his smirk should been a warning. As well as Francis Mwjikye facebook post about being directly followed by Police towards the gates of Parliament.

It is obnoxious to know that the day after that IGP Kale Kayihura goes out to the press, says he ordered the eviction and he did the detaining of the MPs. Like he is proud of his achievement, that he was able to go into parliament and use SFC in plain clothes to empty the chambers. So that in the hours after the violent eruptions there. The National Resistance Movement MPs and the lack-luster so-called Opposition MPs could vote and say “Aye” to the Age Limit Motion. If it was progress or regress, it is most likely the last. Since it had to use foreign, alien and strangers in Parliament to get the votes passed for the Motion.

There was nothing righteous, nothing right about yesterday, still the IGP Kayihura take the blame and want honor for his achievement yesterday. He gets nothing and should get none. The same should be said about Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, even if she was praised to the moon by the NRM MPs today. Not that they should share her glory of getting within reach of using military and special trained security officers to get rid of the opposition representatives. She actually breached the Parliament (Privileges and Power) Act of 1955. Since she assigned strangers to enter the chambers and do violence. Kadaga has no been in contempt of Parliamentary law. She has rights to suspend and get parliamentary guards and officers to bring them out if they create insecurity at the Parliament, but she is not allowed to bring in foreign and strangers into the mix; which she did and has been praised for.

Neither Kadaga or Kayihura should be remembered with greatness after yesterday, they should be remembered with horror and their will to destroy the institution. Destroy the Parliament and its values. Demean and belittle the Constitution in favor of the President. That is what they did, they made narrow road to justice and freedom even smaller. They have shrunk the place for liberty and rule of law. Both of them has now tarnished key principals on the altar of life-presidency for one man.

Kadaga and Kayihura for their acceptance of Special Force Command commanding the space and letting go of important principals. Even if the orders came from above. They are proven that they don’t care about the injustice and impunity done on their watch. That they have no honor and no deep understanding of their efforts to eradicate the state and republic. Clearly, this is in continuation of the rigged elections and control of the institutions by the State House. Still, these persons should know better, but they don’t. The NRM MPs are just interested in quick pay-off of for their support of the bill. They have no heart or soul, just another tool for Museveni to get his will.

Therefore, Kadaga and Kayihura should have acted differently, not be proud of yesterdays acts. Not accepted the fate they have put the Republic in. Their names will forever be connected with the violent oppression of the Opposition MPs and destruction of the Parliament. If they will use similar tricks to get it passed, you know there is nothing left to trust. Nothing left of the state to hold high. There will only be the Presidential Decrees and orders, nothing else, since that what matters. The rest will be a facade and the ones working there or representing it will all be props for his agenda.

There is now nothing left, unless people stand up against it and show defiance in all parts of society. If not they let him win and let him eat of all. Eat it all up so he can destroy and turn it in his favor. Just like he has done with everything else, with force and without mercy. Museveni will do so again, if it is with the hands of Kayihura or the orders of Kadaga. Peace.

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