Age Limit: No Media House is allowed to host the 25 Suspended MPs, the new UCC Guidelines say!

This here is not shocking, but this is the state of control the National Resistance Movement has and are controlling the other parts of society. It is not enough that 25 Members of Parliament was suspended from taking part in the Plenary Session on Wednesday 27th September 2017. That they we’re taking out by force and violence inside the Parliament. This should be enough of oppression and proving how far the NRM goes to own the Republic. Clearly that was not enough as the MPs had to show up at Central Investigation Division at Kireka. There they we’re interrogated on the 28th September 2017. All of this should be enough as the Age Limit Motion got passed on the 27th and the praise of Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga happen on the 28th. All of this proves how belittling the NRM are to voice of opposition and dissidents.

Today, it is proven even worse, as the NTV Uganda Reporter Sudir Byaruhanga spelled out this: “No media house is allowed to host the 25 suspended MPs according to the new UCC guidelines” (Byaruhanga, 30.09.2017). This proves to what extent the NRM goes to silence the message and the ones wanting to stop the Age Limit Bill. That the ones who are defying and speaking ill of the possible bill. Is not allowed on the airways, on live broadcast or expressing their concern.

He was not alone to reveal the controlling efforts of the state. Oskar Semweya-Musoka, the ones running the favorite political radio talkshow ‘The Capital Gang’ reveled: We received phone calls that stopped us from hosting Bobi Wine on The Capital Gang today” (Semweya-Musoka, 30.09.2017). Both of them is media personalities and has knowledge of how it is.

That NTV and radio stations are silenced, that has happen when radios has shows with Dr. Kizza Besigye, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has ordered direct orders to stop transmitter s and closing stations for not complying. They also stopped the live-broadcast from the Parliament on the Age Limit Motion on Wednesday. Clearly, they know the toils of oppression and is complying with orders from above. They know that they have the obligation to comply and put in the sanctions. If not the NRM will find other heads to run the UCC.

But we now know the extend, the manner in which the NRM state are ruling. We know now that the democratic values is dying, freedom of expression is getting shrunk in everyday. The longer Museveni rules, the state wants to control it more. The possible closure of newspapers like Daily Monitor and Red Pepper might happen too. The Independent Magazine will live, because Mwenda and Museveni is as close as kin these days. The Observer might be raided, but the wealth of the owners might make it stick for a while longer, as long as they are not pushing their message to far south.

The NRM can clearly not accept defiance, the civil disobedience and the belittlement of the cause, the cause being life-presidency for Museveni. Since he can acts as he pleases go on radio and lie until his lips goes dry, while people questioning his right rule, get silenced or stopped from doing so. That is why the 25 MPs are now stopped from taking part of the conversation. Being in the public sphere by the media and their channels of information. This is vital for discussion and debating the Age Limit. The NRM and Museveni wants to control the debate in their favor and therefore blocking the rest. If people do act outside the spectrum of the NRM, there will be sanctions as seen earlier this month. Freedom FM in Kabale, know whats happen if you do.

It means these are not allowed, as reported on 27th:

The Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has named 25 Members of Parliament who have been suspended and asked them to exit the Chambers. The suspended MPs are; Kibuule, Ssewanyana, Amoding, Lyomoki, Kasibante, Nambooze, Kyagulanyi, Zaake, Kasozi, Nzohgu &Olanya. The other suspended MPs are; Osegge, Niwagaba, Odonga Otto, Mafabi, Munyangwa, Nambeshe, Mbwatekamwa & Mugume. Ssewungu, Tinkasiimire, Muwanga Kivumbi and Medard Ssegona are the others suspended. The Speaker has suspended the sitting to allow the MPs exit the House or be evicted by the Sergeant at Arms” (New Vision, 27.09.2017).

All of these MPs are now banned from shows and media houses. If the media comply with these sanctions and these acts of excessive breach of freedom of speech. You know that the debates and the stories that are told will be one sided. It will never be the whole story, neither the factual or critical thinking towards the Age Limit. Not that Museveni wants that, because if you look critical at him, you will finds sculls and blood. Stories that’s not reflect the so-called “statesman” like story he wants portrayed of himself.

But you the NRM are weak, when they cannot carry discussions and debates of opposition. When they don’t have the arguments and the reasoning to let them go-on. Since Museveni knows his weakness and he cannot stomach it. That is why the orders from above was to clear the Parliament Plenary Sitting, since he couldn’t manage to humiliated, even if it meant destroying the sanctity of it.

Now they are proving their lack of tolerance and understanding of need of an open media that discuss this vital matters. That the representatives should be allowed to talk and debate the manner. Not only looking and listening to the brilliant mind of Ofwono Opondo and his NRM defense no matter what or other loyal cronies. That will all be sounding the same and saying nearly the same. Defending the NRM and the President without concern that its burning, they see the smoke, but they will not talk about it like it doesn’t exists. Not until themselves are burnt by it, than their acts might change. Until then, they are accepting the republic is burning, but they don’t want to say it! Peace.

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