The Parliament is at it again, still at Gunpoint and it’s Third Time the Charm for the Age Limit!

Hon. Nabilah Naggayi: “200 SFC officers brought into parliament in 4 vans to manhandle MPs opposed to deleting or amending” (Nabilah Naggayi, 27.09.2017)

Today is the third time in a row, this time the Plenary Paper has two motions considering the Constitutional Amendment, one from Hon. Raphael Magyezi, who is getting support from Hon. Moses Balyeku, Hon. Jackson Karubaga Kafuuzi and Hon. Doreen Amule. Clearly, all of these people wants to tarnish their reputation over a few extra coins of silver. At least the Parliament and the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is not trying to submit it in the last minute, but being upfront about it. The fifth minute on the paper is the other Constitutional Amendment Motion made by Hon. Sam Lyomoki and seconded by Patrick Oshabe Nsamba. All of this to secure the age limit is lifted in favor of the President.

As all of this is happening the Opposition MPs has been followed by the Police, even tried to house arrest several of them. Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been ordered from up-high to be arrested. Surely the same has to be said about Dr. Kizza Besigye. Because they are followed. Ingrid Turinawe was arrested today as well. Moses Byamugisha, the Besigye aide has been arrested in Mbarara earlier this week and was released today. Clearly, the Police is working overtime, like they did during the elections to silence the opposition ahead of the Plenary Session today.

Uganda Communication Commission, if you did not it was biased before, it shows it now. Even if they did in the same month close down a radio station (Freedom FM) for hosting Besigye. When they have sealed of the premises of the Plenary Session and stopped the footage of the discussion of the Age Limit within the Parliament. It is something strange when without being called for or having to discuss security with the, which Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura walked around like a proud man in the Parliament. I am sure he is giddy with the knowledge of the trouble of the demonstrators and the opposition. That is what gives him energy to wake up in the mornings. Just like not solving the murders in Entebbe. He is such a pride to the force!

They say it is less police and army around the Parliament, but clearly, it is enough Security Officers there to beat one of the MPs, who are disagreeing with the lifting of the Age-Limit. To continue the charade, the Speaker Kadaga has banned all red ribbons, so they are all wearing red hats. To prove their discontent with the motion that is coming to the Parliament. We can just wait if the rumor of yesterday is true. That the Speaker will also ban and stop certain individuals at the Plenary Session after their actions this week. So expect a dozens of MPs suspended, as the Plenary Session will start!

AS this happens, as the republics guards are all out, all over the country and the man who earn everything it is abroad. It proves that he do not have the genuine support, he needs the guns and ammunition to get his will through. There is nothing positive in this process. As the motion are put at gun-point, the countless arrests and barricades. The militarism of Museveni has gone full circle, as he went in with guns, he will leave the earth with the guns. He will not free himself from the guns or the people from it either. Because he needs the guns, because he has no real support and he knows it. That is why the Parliament been a militarized zone in Kampala, as the opposition been house-arrested or 24 hours detained without charges.

If you believe in this bill at this point, he has put you into submission. There are not anything good. There are arrests and there is intimidation, nothing poetic.

We just have to wait and see if this end in something at all. If the rumors are happening or not. If the police brutality will continue in favor of the President and his cronies. We just have to wait and see. Who knows, but the ones who do is the ones who is ordering it. Peace.

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