The day that Special Forces Command took commando of the Parliament Chambers!

The Special Forces Command, some call the Presidential Guards, but their mission is: “to develop and operate a powerful and versatile special operations force that is situated within the unique Ugandan way of war and is responsive to the requirements of the UPDF and the nation”. This is taken from their web-page that introduce them. SFC, the group that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni son Maj. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga was running and leading. Clearly, this one SFC is specialized and well-trained group that been known for their brutal and direct attacks on targets.

So that the SFC today we’re inside the Parliament Chamber should worry anyone. That the soldiers we’re on the gates of Parliament and barricading in town. Also that the Police Officers was on targets, barricading places and making sure that the motion would got through. No one would think the state would go this far. That the President would send his favorite armed group and the most loyal to his cause. To make sure the National Resistance Movement, the Speaker Kagada and Deputy Speaker Oulanyah got the message. That this motion where the age-limit should be lifted today and not prolong this any longer.

Special Forces Command where wearing plain-clothes and was ready from the moment they entered the chamber. There wasn’t any question. They had gotten the order and was on the go. The SFC knew when Kadaga announced and told the chamber at the start of the plenary session that the opposition and independent Members of Parliaments was suspended from taking part. Then they came an assaulted MPs and used violence. The hostile takeover happen. Nothing else. There wasn’t anything poetic, anything wonderful to say. Any speech or any words that covers the breach of trust. The breach of law and the massive hostile takeover of the Parliament.

It will be sad if the NRM defenders today will use the ‘Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act 1955’, which is still in-force. And will use: “27. Power of arrest.

An officer of Parliament may arrest without warrant—

any person who commits in his or her presence any offence contrary to section 17 or 18;

any person within the precincts of Parliament whom he or she reasonably suspects of having committed, or being about to commit, an offence contrary to either of those sections” (Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act 1955).

This law gives the Speaker the right after the suspension to do so. But if you look into Section 17 and 18 of the law. You can question if singing the National Anthem is the reason for the arrest inside the chambers. This law says officers, these officers are usually in uniform and displayed for safety. Not there for being ready – set and go!

Therefore parts of Section says this: “attends any sitting of Parliament as the representative of any journal after the general permission granted under any order made under this Act or under the standing orders to the representative or representatives of that journal has been revoked,

commits an offence and is liable on conviction before a court to a fine not exceeding five hundred shillings or to imprisonment for any term not exceeding three months or to both such fine and imprisonment” (Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act 1955).

This proves that the Parliament has the rights, but still, most of the section is about if a stranger, someone who wasn’t there on business. The MPs today are elected into Parliament and where there doing their duty. There was no justification for their removal. Unless, they sing badly and should pick another trade, but Bobi Wine already did that. I am sure his voice is gentle in the ears of Kadaga. Even put a smile on that grim face she showed the world today.

From a part of Section 18: “assaults, obstructs, molests or insults any member coming to, being within, or going from the precincts of Parliament, or endeavours to compel any member by force, insult or menace to declare himself or herself in favour of or against any proposition or matter pending or expected to be brought before Parliament or a committee; assaults, interferes with, molests, resists or obstructs any officer of Parliament while in the execution of his or her duty or while proceeding to or from Parliament; creates or joins in any disturbance which interrupts or is likely to interrupt the proceedings of Parliament or a committee while Parliament or the committee is sitting” (Parliament (Power and Privileges) Act 1955).

Here the Speaker Kadaga is within law to suspend them, but the assaults was not done by the men and woman who we’re assaulted by the SFC. Who came in and was ready to get them out by force. It wasn’t a peaceful suspension. Yes, they have disturbed the proceedings of the Plenary Sitting, but that gives no reason for the Specialized Operations from the Special Forces Command to breach the chambers of Parliament. The assaults was not done first, the SFC was ready to attack and get rid of the problem within the chambers.

If the SFC had been officers as a part of the Parliament they could have arrested fellow MPs. They are allowed to do so without warrants, but as long as they have done what was pointed out in Section 17 and 18.

The Speaker Kadaga actually let in strangers into the chambers, to clear the court and let it go. So she could follow procedure and make sure the motion got into force. That the sponsor of the motion can work on it, before he comes back to Parliament with a text for the first reading. Therefore, the SFC Strangers, who isn’t officers who has rights of the Parliament to arrest, did so. This is a breach of law! That is illegal to make ready for strangers within the Parliament and a sitting. Proves the contempt of the Parliament. If you thought the Opposition and their antics was bad enough, even as the provisions give the Speaker rights to do so. The Speaker has no rights in the laws to bring in strangers there. That is what she did and she accepted their violence and their arbitrary arrests. It proves that the strangers and the military has now gotten power from within. There is nowhere the army and SFC cannot intervene. Even if its breaching the laws themselves.

That should be a warning about the extent of the NRM these day, they don’t care about the laws that are in-force, they can breach them, but use the same against opposition. That is striking and worrying, but not surprising. Now that the military and soldiers can do operations from within, nothing can be left untouched, until the will of the President is done. Peace.

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