Age Limit: Magyezi Motion got passed and militarism are now running the Parliament!

Today after the chaos in Parliament, it’s wasn’t just chaos, it was worse. It was the near death of the Parliamentarism and Constitutionalism. This can be said after the suspension of Opposition MPs, up to 35 MPs who was escorted in different ways away from the Plenary Session. This as the Parliament Avenue was filled with Police Officers and the Soldiers. This was all happening a few hours ago.

Because Hon. Raphael Magyezi has filled in a motion that was the number 4th on the Plenary Paper. It took over 45 minutes before the Parliamentary Session happen. That was because of the violent approach of military personnel who went in with a purpose. The Special Force Command (SFC) went in to pick up the opposition and independent Members of Parliament. So they could be taken to Police Vans. If they didn’t volunteer to go. This made some of the Opposition MPs into battle-mode and actual fights occurred. Other MPs fainted by the violence happening inside the chamber.

This all because of the Motion and the Proposed Constitutional Amendment written by Magyezi. The important part of the bill he has written in the bill:

Amendment of Article 102 of the Constitution.

Article 102 of the Constitution is amended by deleting paragraph (b).” (Constitution (Amendment) Bill of 2017).

After all the trouble and only with President friendly members inside the Chambers. They voted for the Motion of Hon. Magyezi was passed. But after that sort actions done by SFC… It should not feel like a victory or passing it in style. Its more a threat of justice and rule of law. SFC had to do the argument and the procedures of the parliament. The motion should have gone through reading and been passed, by the matter of numbers in the Parliament. Even if the public and all citizens hate the bill. Most of them does, unless they are getting contribution from the NRM elite.

The most likely use of text is “deleting” or “removing” the Article 102(b), this will also go through Parliament. You can expect that the Police Force and the SFC will take away the same people. That the SFC had to take them away and detain them. Shows the contempt of the chambers and the National Assembly. That the NRM don’t care about the Parliament and about the ethical value of the legal assembly. It is just a tool to make sure the President can rule for life.

This is a downer, that it went through and the way the Motion was passed. That the NRM and the Government used SFC to silence the Opposition. Also that Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga suspended them, because of singing National Anthem. It proves how little it takes to do something “illegal”. But was it justified to bring the SFC to takeover the chambers? You really know now that the Military are running the state. The evidence was inside the Chambers of Parliament, it was outside in the streets and the Police was quelling possible demonstrations where they was happening! Peace.

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