Opinion: Ironic that NASA has to follow due process on reforms of the IEBC, but Jubilee is entitled to dismantle the Supreme Court!

You know there are something wrong with the ruling regime, with the incumbent of Kenya, as he has retaliated for days after the Supreme Court ruling, that nullified the Election. As the revelation of their support and continued trust of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). Is the one behind the whole Electoral Mess and Nullification. Its not the Supreme Court of Kenya (SCOK), even if that is the issue for the Jubilee Party and their leadership. Like it is in the interest of Jubilee to blast and sue the judges of Supreme Court, since they respect rule of law and secondly follows the Constitution made for the Republic. Clearly, this isn’t justified in their view, therefore they are today putting blame on National Super Alliance for their demonstrations against the IEBC. Since they are busy defending them. Look!

President Kenyatta said Opposition leader Raila Odinga should quit the race if he is not ready to face him on 26th October adding the protests were hurting businesses. “If he (Raila) does not want elections he should relax. We want to have elections peacefully,” said President Kenyatta. Speaking in Mai Mahiu, President Kenyatta said Jubilee’s focus is to transform the country and unite Kenyans. He said: “We want Kenyans to be united, we want different communities to live together peacefully”. The Deputy President asked the opposition coalition to use constitutional means in their quest to remove IEBC officials from office. The Deputy President said no public official will be removed from office through unconstitutional means. He said: “If they have a problem with IEBC let them follow due process. No one will be removed from office through protests.” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 26.09.2017).

Its like Kenyatta and Ruto want’s to be well-rigged President and Deputy President, because they know they cannot win in a fair election, where the results are verified and then announced. Since the IEBC election of August 8th 2017, was a facade of an election. It had the ballots and some sort of results. But these sort of results could have been written on napkins and sent to Bomas, as real results. Even as the forms and the duplication’s of the results could not be verified after.

Therefore, when Raila Odinga and his coalition NASA goes after IEBC. They do so because the IEBC has no trust and there are nothing to trust there. It created a malpractice and made sure Kenyatta won again. When there was no proof of it. Since the IEBC had fixed in his favor and therefore they have not said or wanted to reform it since. They have accepted it, while attacking SCOK.

However, now they are telling to follow procedure, like they did with the petition to the Supreme Court. Which, that have not accepted afterwards, what will say that even if they did try to fix in the Parliament, would Jubilee care about NASA’s problems with the IEBC? Since the majority of the MPs are Jubilee, will not them be loyal to Kenyatta?

So the fixing and doing due process at this stage is a mockery of the fate of the Kenyan people and the rightful man or woman to lead the Republic. Since, the Jubilee wants to rig it again. If not, why do they don’t want to change it and reform it? What is the danger of the actual due diligence of the Electoral Body, the ones who are in charge of ballots and announcing the results?

Its like they are awaiting more skeletons, more secrets put into the streets and tap into the confidential conversations and agreements between IEBC and Jubilee. It feels like that since the Jubilee are not touching or trying to show any figment of change of it. Even after the SCOK found massive breaches and had no problem to nullify the recent election. It shows that isn’t wisdom that runs the leadership of Jubilee. More arrogance and trust in their own acts. That they will leave with the same results after a second round. Since the IEBC will much of the same and the NASA just has to accept it. They should shut up and go along.

NASA and Jubilee we’re both losers of the 8th August Elections. They both lost and has to give way and make sure the institutions who are in-charge of the election can be trusted. At this point, the incumbent and his leadership don’t give a damn about legitimacy or even about sound institutions as long as he wins. NASA cares about this and is justified to demonstrate, since they know that filing motions and petitions in Parliament will leave them breathless. Since, the Jubilee are busy on the road and having campaigns. Their role in Parliament will be shadowed by that. They will not give way, when they have majority and why should they?

That is the issue and the lack of trust between Jubilee and NASA is just common-sense. If people don’t trust IEBC is reasonable, especially with the leaks, the memo’s and the drama. Secondly, the Jubilee silence on reforms as they we’re “winners” proves there was something fishy between the Electoral Body and the Victor. That is why they cannot distance themselves and let it be reformed. Be in the name “independent”. Just like the Police Service cannot be impartial and independent right now. Since if you are Jubilee demonstrators, you can go on the streets and fear no-evil. But if you are NASA demonstrator, expect police-brutality and tear-gas. That is the price of the two-classes of people in Kenya. This is the peace and unity that Kenyatta shows the world. He shouldn’t be arrogant and proud. He should be humble and change, truly that is a lot to ask. Certainly, it is about time. Peace.

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