#AgeLimit: Updates on the hostile environment the government creates!

Hon. Magyezi looks on as he hopes to table a motion that seeks leave of Parliament to move a private members’ bill on” (NBS Television, 26.09.2017).

Today, there we’re no Age Limit Removal Bill by Hon. Raphael Magyezi who entered on a Plenary Paper Amendment after the Plenary Session started in earlier today. I was suspecting this, as it would the way the business is conducted in the Republic. The Uganda People’s Defense Force was defending the Parliament and blocking roads. This day has gone as it had too. Therefore, the scattered information from all over the country. Since the Republic reacted to the possible launch of lifting the Age Limit for Presidents. Take a look!

Dr. Kizza Besigye wasn’t house-arrested, but was able to get to Central Business District of Kampala, after driving from his home in Kasangati in Wakiso District. Clearly, they had to tow his car. They we’re trying to block Robert Kyagulanyi Sseentamu aka Bobi Wine, he parked his car at Casablanca bar and took a Boda Boda from there to Parliament. The Police Officers who tried to apprehend him, we’re also supposed to jump on Boda’s as well. But they we’re not able to get anyone to drive after him.

In Arua: “Three people arrested in Arua over #AgeLimit demonstrations as Polcie battles protestors” (Urban Television, 26.09.2017).

In Mbale: There we’re big demonstration in central parts of Mbale and around the clock-tower. There we’re Police Forces around.

In Lira: “Four journalists have been arrested for covering the age limit demo along Oyite Ojok lane in Lira town where a group of protestors reportedly stormed the street and lit tyres in protest of the move to remove presidential age limit this evening. The arrested include Denis Engena, the correspondent of NBS TV in Lira” (TNT.CO.UG, 26.09.2017).

In Pader: “The protesters, who had lit up tyres in the middle of the road, chanted slogans criticising the proposed move by some NRM MPs to lift the age” (New Vision, 26.09.2017).

At the Kampala Universities:

In Kampla like at Makerere University the Police throw tear-gas into Mitchell House. “Six students of Ndejje at Old Kampala police, 15 students of MUK at Wandegeya” (Harold Kaija, 26.09.2017). In Kyambogo University, there was heavily deployment of Police. Uncertain about how many who was arrested at Kyambogo.

Ten FDC leaders have been arrested in Luweero Town and Wobulenzi Town. Now locked up at Luweero Police Station. Luweero has been fired up. Masaka 10 arrested” (…) “BUSOGA: Four in Bugiri, Four in Namayingo One in Iganga arrested over Age Limit Demos in Busoga” (Harold Kaija, 26.09.2017).

In Parliament as Kadaga wanted sessions to debate the Age Limit:

Chaos in Parliament as the House attempts to introduce a motion for lifting age limit. Opposition MPs break into singing the national anthem ignoring Speaker Kadaga” (…) “Speaker Kadaga adjourns the House to 2pm tomorrow after opposition MPs sang the National Anthem for over 40 minutes effectively denying the NRM a chance to introduce the Age Limit motion” (Red Pepper, 26.09.2017).

There has also been reported that some of the MPs ended in a brawl at one point, there we’re some of the MPs who threw chairs, some even damaged their shoes. This was all before the Age Limit Bill was tabled by the Speaker, before the National Anthem and such. There are rumors which isn’t verified that the speaker Kadaga has written down the ones singing and plans to ban them from the next session. That means some opposition MPs might not be able to attend the session. When the bill finally arrives and get debated by the either National Resistance Movement (NRM) and NRM friendly Opposition Members of Parliament.

We just knew it was ending up like this. Clearly, the oppression is at high gear. Not to expect the Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga to be forgiving, she wants to deliver her loyalty to her master. She wants to deliver to the President. The good news is that its postponed in Parliament, but the government continues to quell the demonstrations and it’s not big enough for the state to lose control. Therefore, they will continue to push. They will not give way. This agenda is not silenced as the NRM and the President wants this by any means. Peace.

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