Opinion: Expect Magyezi Age-Limit Motion to enter the Plenary Session in Parliament tomorrow like a Ghost!

In the order papers for the Plenary Sitting at the Parliament tomorrow, there are no motion for the lifting of the Presidential Age Limit. Therefore, someone wants the demonstrations blown-off and silence the debate around the matter. Even if more people are working on their own private motions, which is all about amending the Constitution of 1995. Raphael Magyezi is the one sponsoring the now famous and unknown bill, that has not been released to the public. As it is not shown to anyone to discuss the words and the inner-implications, even if the ones knowing the purpose. It is to let anyone adult at any age to stand as President.

That is why the lifting the Age Limit is so problematic, as it is happening when it’s fitting the age of the current President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. This meaning it is only happening since he will be to old to stand for his officially 6th Term, which would be by my count 8th Term. Since he has already ruled since 1986. Therefore, that the law again gets amended to fit his life. Just like the lifting of term limits fit him well, just after he had been elected twice and needed another term. So its not like he changed laws to fit him before, this would be yet another step in President for Life.

It is not like he owns all of Uganda and their minds, its not like it is so strong as its ever been. Even if the state is more and more oppressive, closing radio stations (Freedom FM, Kabale) for having talk-shows with Dr. Kizza Besigye, arresting opposition leaders over nothing and demonstrators in general getting jail time without proper charges. Not like the Age Limit case is strengthening the Presidency, other than having a legal paper on his side. There is a weakness of the state, when there is talk and debate in Parliament. The government needs the army to guard the parliament and detain opposition leaders. The National Resistance Movement must know their weakness and little support.

As the 23rd September 2017, the Afrobarometer already proven in their survey that its over 75% who wants the Age Limit to stay in the Constitution. That means if the state changes, it does it while countering the will of the people, that means the Grand Leader, the Big-Man or Mzee, thinks he owns them and their his servants. Who are supposed to be humble and gracious for him showing them seconds of joys within the 30 years of power.

The Age Limit will be hostile, the continued drama will be hectic, the Police Force and the Army will be in the midst of it all. The only piece missing is that the soldiers comes into Parliament and arrest fellow leaders who votes against debate or motion. Since this is against the will of the President. It is just about time for it to happen. The Parliament tomorrow will be seen as a military commando-post. There will be blockades and tensions in Kampala, the demonstrations in Northern towns like Arua, Lira and even Gulu, might react, even new reactions in Bushenyi or others. It’s hard to know if there even will be reactions in Mbale and Jinja, as the FDC has had a stronghold there for long.

What we do know is that the official released papers of order of the plenary sessions it’s not there, but expect a crisis meeting between Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, where they put the Magyezi motion in play as if it was a ghost. As an unknown and sudden act that was about to shock the Members of Parliament, New Vision, NTV and all the other ones. Even if the UCC silence more stations and suddenly the NBS cannot show the Parliament feed. Because the Democratic Principles are so important to Mzee.

So expect it to be tabled and as a shocker, like a little grenade into friendly territory, as a mystic little bribe as the envelopes will be delivered in the NRM caucus, as they have the majority, as well as they can spend some cash on the Uganda People’s Congress and other shallow opposition parties if needed be. Peace.

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